Thursday, 3 January 2013

Opposite Poles..Part 36

Part 36

“Jiji…!” Khushi came home in the morning.  Payal came out when Khushi had thrown her bag and sandals and also herself on the bed.
“Khushi…!” Payal tried to pull her up.  “Jiji… let me sleep for some time!” Khushi soon was fast asleep.  Payal shook her head hopelessly. 
“Aree, when did Khushi ji come?” Sham was at the door of her room.  Payal stood in his way and said.  “Let her sleep, she is tired..!” Sham took a step back from the door. Payal came out.
“Do Not Disturb!”  Khushi got up and latched the door from inside.

********   ******   ******

“Buwaji, this is inhuman!” Sham protested.  “They make her work day and night…! What kind of job is this?” he was clearly upset.  Buwaji shrugged.
“NandKishore… How do I know? YEH SANAKA DEVI AUR USKA KAAM! She and her work both are out of this world…!” 

“But Buwaji, she need not work … She can go back…!” Sham brought out his hidden agenda. 
“Umm..Buwaji, Chai!” Payal brought the tray.  Sham picked up one cup and looked at Khushi’s room.  Payal went into the kitchen.
“Buwaji, I will prepare breakfast and go to the market.  I need to buy the material for the embroidery work..!” said payal loudly.  Buwaji shrugged.  Sham looked at Buwaji. 
“Buwaji… what do you feel about this?” he took out a photo of a girl.  Buwaji looked confused. 
“Umm.. I mean… I don’t have an elder person at home.  These people are after me for long.  I have to tell them today…!” he said sheepishly.  Buwaji looked lost. 
“Umm.. I don’t know…!” she said in a weak voice.  “Umm.. Babua, can you give me your horoscope?” she asked him.  He nodded smirking.  

“Anyway, Buwaji I mean… I am not that interested in this girl… I mean.. this family is very rich… I feel I should withhold my decision on this girl…!” he blurted.  Buwaji felt relieved.  She glanced at the closed door of Khushi’s room.
“Buwaji, HUM BAHER JAA RAHE HAIN! I am going out! If she wakes up, please give her the breakfast…!” Payal went out.  Sham looked at the closed door.  He had to control his urge to go in the room and have a look at sleeping Khushi.   The door bell rang. 
Chauffer of AR Group was at the door.  Sham had to struggle to hide himself.  Buwaji looked at the person questioningly.  “This Note and the laptop..! ASR sir has asked to complete it by afternoon…!” he said.  Buwaji took the material reluctantly, not understanding anything.  The person went away. 
“Khushi… Ai .. Khushi… wake up!” she banged on the door.  “KYA HAI BUWAJI…?” Khushi opened the door irritated.  “That man has given this…!” she gave the laptop and the note…!
“This monster.. will never spare me…!” she muttered angrily keeping the laptop on the bed.  Sham entered her room.

“Khushi ji, this is outrageous..!” he protested.  Khushi looked up at him.
“Can’t help!” she said plugging the laptop and opening it..  He came forward to look into the note..!
“Its Ok, Shamji.  I will manage…!” she said taking the note in her hand and putting it on her bed.  Sham looked at Khushi’s sleep deprived face
“Khushi ji.  I am worried about your health.  These people are inhuman…!” he said with a worried tone.  Khushi did not respond.  He came in and sat on the chair.  She looked at him surprised.
“Umm.. Khushi ji, just wanted to talk to you…!” he said slyly.  Khushi looked at him waiting for him to speak up.  

“umm.. Khushi ji, you have to take care of yourself.  You know, I am so worried.  You are a simple person.  This world is very brutal.  You need protection, Khushi ji.. I mean.. I!” he was cut off by Khushi.
“I am fine, Sham ji.  You need not worry about me.  I am strong enouth.  And about the work, I mean.. if they are paying me, they have the right to get the work done from me!” she said reasonably.  Sham gaped at her.  

“I mean.. keeping you in the office in the night, is against the rules..!” he looked furious.
“No Sham ji.  I was comfortable.. had my dinner and also had time to sleep..!” she defended unknowingly.  Sham looked frustrated.
“What kind of work did they have in the night…!” he exclaimed not giving up.
“I had to work in the accounts department..!” she blurted out.  He gazed at her.  Then his eyes flashed..
“You mean, accounts of AR Designs? “ he made sure.  She nodded.  He stroked his chin, then his lift fist and licked his lips.  Khushi was reading the note carefully.

“What? RAKSHAS…The monster…!” she was furious looking at the time specified to finish the work.  “I wish, I brought down his empire… This Arrogant Monster..!”  She was furious.  Sham watched her intently.
“Khushi ji.. you can bring his empire down…!” he said staring at Khushi.  She looked at him blankly.  “What do you mean, Shamji!?” she asked confused.

“You work in his office.   You have access of literally anything in his office.  You can create havoc, if you want to..!” Sham looked excited, with the opportunity.  Khushi still was unable to understand.  Sham settled himself on the chair.
“I don’t understand, Shamji!  But right now I don’t have time for this discussion.  I need to finish this in time!” she said getting up.
“I will help you!” sham came forward. 
“No! I have learnt a lesson, Sham ji! ‘JENU KAAM TENU THAI, BIJA KARE SO GOTA KHAI!’ She said.  Sham looked confused. 
“My Friend Rekha Madam says so!” clarified Khushi. 
“Aree… Sanaka Devi, I am going to the mandir!” screamed Buwaji from outside.  Sham’s eyes flashed.  That means Khushi and Sham will be alone in the house.  He will have enough time to convince Khushi to share the information with him.  

“Sham ji, I need to work”  Khushi said getting up, hinting that he should go out.  He reluctantly went out.  She latched the door.  She was at peace to work.  Sham gaped at the closed door.
“Umm.. Buwaji.  I have to go out…Have some urgent work!” Sham muttered and went out. 

*************    **********   ***********

Arnav Singh Raizada stood in his room deep in thoughts.  He was annoyed with himself that Khushi managed to send him home.  He couldn’t believe himself. 
“Khushi Kumari Gupta…! You will have to face the music..!” he said with vengeance, clenching his fists.  No one, not even his Di was able to influence him so much.  His hatred went overboard.  He was  all set to crush her under his heels..!  “You sent me home! But you won’t go home, Khushi Kumari Gupta!..” he gritted his teeth dialing his office number. 

Next day early morning, ASR sent Khushi home, and he came back smirking.  His phone rang… “What?” he was shocked.  Mr. Sethi gave him the news. 
“Police had checked Prashan’t cell record and the last call he made was to Sham Zaa!”   ASR dialed Commissioner’s number to make sure.  “Yes, Mr. Sham Manohar Zaa was the last person to talk to him.  We called on Mr. Zaa and he said he was Prashan’t lawyer for some legal suit.  He produced the relevant documents.  He is cleared from the doubt! Don’t worry Mr. Raizada, it was an accident…!” said the commissioner.

“Jijaji?” Arnav winced with the thought.  “Something is wrong…! Am I missing something?” he was more confused.  He needed to get it clarified from his Jijaji.
He went down.  “Di, where is Jijaji?” he asked his Di.
“Aree, Chote, why did you come down?” she asked holding his hand.
“I am fine, Di! Where is Jijaji?” he asked her again.
“He said, he has some work in Chandighar! He will be back by tomorrow!” Ajali said.  “Why, Chote?”  but he was lost.  “If Jijaji, is in Chandighar, then how come he produced relevant documents in Delhi, today?” he was confused.  “I need to talk to him!” he thought dialing his Jijaji’s number.
“Oh! I couldn’t go to Chandighar, yesterday, Saale Saab!” said his Jijaji. 
“Where were you, yesterday?” asked Arnav, still confused. 
“I had some work to complete in Gurgaon, so stayed in Gurgaon! Tell Raani Saheba, that I will be home in the evening. ” Sham had a perfect alibi.  Arnav disconnected the phone.  The doubts were cleared.  

*********   *********

“Jiji.. HO GAYA…!”  Khushi finally finished the power point presentation. 
“Proud of your art work, Ms Khushi Kumari Gupta? Use the designs and make a presentation for the new client in two hours…!” That monster had written ..
She had made a twenty slides presentation using the designs and information given by her boss.  The driver was at the door.  She handed over everything and came into the kitchen.
“Jiji, let us go to the temple.  I don’t get time now a days to visit the temple..!” she said pulling her jiji’s hand. 

****************   **********


kalaiselvisblog said...

ha... hw come our asr will leave her free... a bit i thought he's been kind... am wrong...

dis shyam.. so irritating... he goes to her room without knocking.. hw's she tolerating dat... no manners nothing...

so prashant cell traced... wow.. but shyam is way too smart.. hey our asr is way too too smart... he will catch u soon...

omg... khushi... pls dont blurt anything dats confidential... devi mayya raksha karnaa...

so written punishment had its use in designing... grt... loved it as usual dear...

Anonymous said...

Nice update..Shyam's smart move while ASR asking his doubts on prashat case..Hope khushi vil not reveal anything abt ASR group info..


Anonymous said...

please khushifan dont make khushi stupid and brainless show her as a bold and forward thinker she is childlike but who understands the gravity of the situation more than the others and even i thought ASR had a softcorner sending her home but what happned more punishment for poor kushi. And why didnt he think how she checked whether he was not well why he didnt think of how she cared when he hadnt had his lunch please make ASR smarter than this evil Shyam i hate even the name. You updates are always soooo interesing and we crave for more of that. Well done and keep going we will keep supporting you - PYAAR

Anonymous said...

nice update.. update more chapters pls.. dying to read more:)

Anonymous said...

okay, I see I was off base with my last comments, believing ASR wanted to keep her safe for the night thus kapt her working in the office. I see that he mad at the control Khushi has on him already,,,,sorry dude you are a gonner...enjoyed the update and waiting to see what he thinks of her 20 page presentation,,,,,,,kkg fan

carmen bogdan said...

That's life sometimes do not know where danger lurks. The danger occurs most often where you do not expect. Despite Arnav's rude is not as dangerous as it is "good" and "charming" Sham ... looks can be deceiving

Anonymous said...

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