Monday, 18 February 2013

Opposite Poles..Part 83

Part 83

He came back to his cabin and his phone rang.  He looked at the screen and picked up the phone.
“Yes Mr. Mishra..?” he said.  He listened hard and then said,
“Ok! Meet me in half an hour! I will keep myself free!” he cut the phone and gazed at the still empty cubical. 

********  *****  *******

“As per your suggestion, I recorded everything sir!” Mishra was in the meeting room with ASR.  ASR has kept it confidential and had warned Mishra too.  Both of them knew the gravity of the problem and the crucial information they were about to assimilate. 

Mishra had visited Prashant’s house three times in these days.  First he went there to inform that the formalities were complete and his Gratuity and Provident Fund will be released soon.  Prashant’s father was overwhelmed.  He knew, pending inquiry against Prashant, the company would have withhold his dues.  But to his surprise, the company had released the dues.  Mishra talked to Prashan’t wife and father in detail about the conditions and kids.  Prashant had two small school going kids.

“I am uneducated.  I don’t understand anything in this.  That Lawyer used to manage everything, for Prashant. Saab! I don’t know anything about his bank balance.  He never talked about his finances with me.  But he used to earn to meet his ends…” Prashant’s father had said.

“I don’t know anything.. Woh… Vakil Saab Bulatain  The Naa? Unkay  Saath  Kuch  Chalata  Thaa! The lawyer used to advice him.  I don’t know where he has disappeared!” Prashant’s wife had said skeptically. 

The next visit was with the papers to be signed by the wife where in she would get the amount deposited in her bank account in her name.  The family members were more relaxed this time and had opened up. 

“Woh… Vakil Saab used to get money for him.  And They used to talk for hours together on phone.  Whenever my husband used to visit that lawyer, he used to get lot of money.  I don’t know the name of the lawyer!  I never met him.  But my husband used to refer him as vakil saab and they used to talk about… someone from Kanpur!  He used to call my husband.  I don’t know what wrong my husband had done… but if he had done something, its because of this Kanpur wale saab and Vakil Saab!  When he used to visit vakil Saab, he used to drink and celebrate.  My husband used to give me some money that day and would to tell me to enjoy…!  I didn’t know from where he used to get the money.” Prashant’s wife disclosed.
“Was there anything strange happened?” Mishra asked.  Prashant’s father answered.

“Yeah, I remember, my son used to make calls to someone… and talk to him in panic.  He also threatened the other person, I heard it!  When I asked him, his said its office matter and I need not bother… then that day he said he was going out to meet someone … and … never returned …!” His father broke into tears.  His wife’s condition was pathetic.  Mishra felt sorry for the family. 

Mishra’s third visit was a brief one.  He gave the cheques and said.. “Please, be careful.  This is in your name Bhabhi ji.  Please invest them well and take care of your children.” Mishra couldn’t continue as she broke into tears and said
“Saab ji.. I don’t know anything!  But I don’t want to go to that lawyer again.  I am not confident about him.  You help us!” Prashan’t father nodded in acceptance.  Mishra assured them a help and came out.

“What do you think..?” asked ASR Mishra’s opinion.  Mishra gaped at him first and then said,
“I think, Prashant was involved in the pilferage… but was a pawn… the real money went to someone else… Someone outsider..!  Prashant was used in this and made a scapegoat!” Mishra waited for ASR’s reaction.  “Their condition is now pathetic.   He has not left much for the family!”  ASR nodded.  His doubts were confirmed.  Someone else was pulling the strings…!

Mishra had recorded all the conversations with Prashan’s family.  He gave the SD card to ASR after narrating his three visits to Prashant’s family.  ASR thanked him and the meeting was over.  Somewhere the growl in his head became irritatingly louder.  ASR sighed.  “I know, I have to ask Jijaji!”  He came back to his cabin to find Khushi working on her system putting her head down. 

By evening almost everyone got the personal invitation cards and received their gift hampers.  There seemed to be festivity everywhere.  People were discussing excitedly.   Khushi was busy with her work and was shunting between Lavanya’s cabin and her cubical.  ASR was watching his office gravely, lost in thoughts! He, though had a faint idea, who might be behind all this, had no solid proof of who was it! It was confirmed that, though the case is recorded as accident, it was a murder… and Prashant had lost his life in this … and ASR shuddered with the thought that who else will be put to danger if he tried to dig it further…!

“I think, I should take help of Jijaji.  He will be able to throw some light on this whole scam  and advice me correctly on this issue..!” he felt better, that at least someone was there who could help. 

*********   *******   *********

“Jijaji..!” Arnav called. 
“Haan.. Saale Saab, coming..!” Sham smiled slyly.  Arnav went ahead to his room.  Jijaji entered after some time smiling. 
“Jijaji… did you?” Arnav opened the topic directly.  Sham stared at his BIL for a second and nodded sitting next to Arnav.
“Saale Saab… I had visited their house.  Had an informal talk with the family.  They are devastated with the loss.  Poor fellow, he has small children..! I felt bad for them.  The family members do not know anything!” Sham started off and ASR started to cross check the facts…!

“Hmm.. Saale Saab… I had known very little of the family… His father spoke his heart.  Prashant was his only son… his wife is so young.. I don’t know what this young widowed lady will do with two small children.. !” The introduction was taking more time…!

“What do you know about their financial status?” ASR had no patience to listen to other description.  Sham hesitated for a second then touching his nose, fidgeting in his seat opened his mouth to explain carefully. 

“What does saale saab know  about the family?” he was not sure.

“I am coming to that point, Saale Saab!  Have you visited his house? If you have, then you will know!” Sham stared at Arnav.  Arnav shook his head saying “No! I am not directly involved in this.  He was employee in warehouse!”  Sham got first hint.

“Exactly…! That’s what I mean to say! You haven’t visited his house..  Its difficult to find out someone’s financial condition…!” Sham was very cautious.  Arnav was alert.  He gazed at his Jijaji.

“So you couldn’t find out anything!” ASR concluded and Sham flared up!
“There is nothing, I cannot find out!” he said clenching his fist.
“Tell me!” ASR was not ready to wait.  He looked at his Jijaji.

Sham did not answer.  ASR waited.  Both of them gauging each other.. Sham opened his mouth to respond.
“Ummm.. Saale Saab.. Apparently the family looks ordinary… but when I talked to them for a long time, they opened up..!” Sham was not ready to give out anything, unless he knew what ASR knew about Prashant. 
“Come to the point, Jijaji..!” ASR sensed some hesitation. 
“Umm saale saab… the case ends here… he has done it and swallowed everything!”  Sham concluded.  Arnav gaped at him.
“Are you sure?” he asked.  Sham again hesitated but nodded.  There was a silence for a while.  Something was amiss.  Somewhere the facts did not tally. 
“Umm.. what should I do now?” Arnav asked.  Sham had a faint smile on his face.
“If you ask me,  I think the case ends here..!” sham said opening his palms. 
“Hummm!”  ASR was deep in thoughts. 
“Let it go! We will be more careful and tighten the security..!” Sham consoled Arnav.  Arnav nodded.  He took out a gift and handed it over to his Jijaji..!  Sham wore a questionmark. 
“This is for you, a small gift from me!” Arnav said getting up.  Sham took it but his eyes flashed disgruntle.
“So this is the fee for my work..!” he understood and looked at Arnav who was in deep thoughts.

“Chaliye  Saale Saab!  Let us have dinner!” he patted on Arnav’s back. 

*******   *****  ******

“Khushi… Sun   Naa!” Payal pulled her hand. 
“Jiji..Hum   Soch  Main   Dubey  Hain! I am in deep thoughts…!” Khushi said staring unfocused.
“Chal Naa, Khushi…! I want to show you something…!” Payal again pulled her.  Khushi went in reluctantly. 
“Dekh… Naa! See this! You told me you have some celebration in the office.  Look what I made for you!” Payal showed her the dress and Khushi’s eyes lit up in excitement.
“Kitana Sundar Hain…! How beautiful..! Sach  Main!  Tumhare   Haath  Main   Jaadoo  Hain,  jiti! You have a magic, Jiji! ” Khushi hugged her jiji.  But then left her and sat on the bed sadly.

“Its of no use, Jiji!” she said puffing her cheeks.  Payal looked confused.
“Why you didn’t like it? You have some other plans?” she asked Khushi.
“No Jiji.. this is the best dress!” she ran her fingers on the dress dreamily.  “But..!” she paused sulkily.
“Jiji.. I am not invited…!”she finally told her jiji, about her hurt.  Payal gaped.
“Not invited? But its your office, why do you need invitation?” Payal asked bewildered.
“No, Jiji.. you do not know anything… This office is different.  Every one got personal invitation…except me!” Khushi said with fallen face.
“Why? Why are you not invited?” Payal asked suspiciously.  Khushi shrugged pouting her lower lip.  Payal stared at her.
“Khushi, tell me, what did you do?” Payal held her hand.  Khushi paused to decide whether to tell her jiji or not!
“Woh… actually…” she started off to tell about he messaging. 
“Khushi… Tum Pungaa Kyun  Leti  Ho?”  Payal looked shocked hearing Khushi’s antics. 
“Hmm… !” Khushi went into loop, thinking hard on the incidents.  Her cheek grew pink remembering his proximity.
“Huhf…!” she came back twisting her nose.  “I don’t care.  I am not interested in that so call celebrations of Mr. ASR!” she declared.  And then said..
“But, I feel bad about this dress..! you have done such a fabulous work.. and this poor dress won’t be able to show off!” she bent down and kissed the dress.
“Don’t worry my dear dress… I will find out an occasion for you!” she hugged the dress.  Payal smiled at Khushi shaking her head.

*******   *******   ********

“Hello hi bye bye! Aree, Damaad Ji.. Aap Ko  Inbhitashon  Milaa  Ki  Nahi?” Mami asked loudly at the dinner table.  Sham looked away.  His insides burning, he clenched his left fist, the right being busy eating. 
The entire Raizada family was the host… but not Damaad Ji! He was given an invitation. He was Damaad ji… not a family member?  His eyes emitted loathing for a moment and then he smiled slyly. 

“Aree Mami ji.. Hum Toh  Ghar  Ke  Hi  Hain..! Aree, I am a family!” he hinted.

“Aree, Aisan  Kaisan..?  How is that possible..?  You are  Son in Law of this family.. ! Aap Ka  Audha  Sub  Sain  Upar  Hain!  Your status  is above all!” Mamaji said respectfully.  Sham smiled.  Nani ji nodded. 
They had gathered in sitting area when Mamaji got up and held out an invitation card.  Sham took it with left hand. 
“Damaad Ji.. you are guest of honor!” he said joining his hands.  Sham nodded.  But then turning to his wife said..
“But Raani Saheba.. I need to go out for some urgent work, and I will be back only next weekend.”  He put his hand around his wife.
“Damaad Ji.. your work can wait!” Nani said.
“No Naniji! I am sorry, but its urgent and I need to represent a complicated case!” Sham said politely.
“Jijaji… we would have loved to welcome you at the foundation day celebrations..!” Aakash said looking at his Jijaji..! 
“Hello hi bye bye! Damaad ji.. you always avoid to come to the celebrations… ! Why Damaadji? Don’t you feel this is your family?” Mamiji asked staring at Sham.  He smiled at her.
“Raani Saheba… I should be going.  I have to get up early, tomorrow morning..!” He said getting up.
“Jijaji..! Thank you for all your help..!” Arnav got up in his honour!  Sham stared and turned his back on all of them…! 
“One day I will be the host of this empire… And… I am not sure whether I will invite you all!” he smirked.


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Anonymous said...

yaay!! first on to comment( hopefully)....... so prashant was a partner or rather a pawn in this fiasco???!!!! wished he was innocent!!!
pity khushi wasnt invited but coming from you the sky will somehow open and she will drop into the party right??!!!!
waiting for things to unfold....

Applecut said...

How tz cud be? Khushi wasnt invited! Whether ASR plan to send the invitation at midnight through message to keep her away from sleep. shyam wer keep on gng puts soil on his head..hehehe, sumwhere asr vll get the point strike. superb.

smisham said...

the plot is thickening
why did K not get an invitation

Khushifan said...

Hello hi (not yet) bye bye!!

Thanks for loving Khushi's character. I too love her so much..!

Hmm dvdv, let us see what happens next..!

Aparna, thank you! let us see when he realises, how he reacts..! keeping fingers crossed.

Hope for Rabbavey if at all she comes for the party..

hmm sneha.. he is frustrated with himself..!

Shavi, indeed, khushi does not know yet...!

yeah Lakshmi, only khushi can handle him...!

smisham, let us see its chemical reaction.. or locha..!

Mymind, oh! let us see what happens with Regi and his torch..!hehehe

Humm.. Applecut.. Khushi is a smart Khushi..!

Kkg Fan, yes she knows how to play him..!let us wait for tit for tat from ASR!

Sharan, oh!how i wish, i had his mobile!

Kalai, loved your comment.. Snatcher.. another name..

SB, thank you thank you (msg from me!!)

Hold your breath Snowball, lot of things will happen..

Thank you, thank you.. very much


Anonymous said...

Poor Khushi - Did not get an invite, that was soo mean.....I hope in your story ASR suspects Slime......KKG Fan

Mymind said...

Khushi didn't get the personalized invitation....has he included her in the host list along with his family?...only outsiders get invitation...right?

Shyam's in a fix right now.....looking forward to read the the inferences made by the Shaatir Dimaag!

I don't know about Regi's torch..Iam shutting down mine for a while....respite from 'tu tu main main'!

Lakshmi said...

What's this no invitation for Khushi??? Very bad??? Anyways Asr can't be in any celebration, because he'll miss her. Asr is very close to unmask Shyam at times ...but next moment u take way that..hope we 've to wait for that to happen...can we expect any rabaveee????? Looking forward for the foundation day,....

kalaiselvisblog said...

mmmm... so got misra's update... shyam's update... not tallying... stay alert asr...

wat khushi didnt got invitation.. dis is too much asr... oh am crying... dat dress.. oh dear...

i think shyam's going to lucknow to find abot gomati ghat... mmmm... waiting eagerly 4 d next one dear...

rainqrazy said...

I seriously hope your ASR is a shaatir dimaag, and catches onto the fact that jijaji was lying!!! Awesome updates KF, sorry couldn't comment for a while!

sharan said...

ohhhhhhhhh poor khushi not invited for the party but without khushi there is no party and thankyou for today's update

Anonymous said...

Come on asr you can't get taken for a fool - you're a billionaire business man! I bet you khushi will get a hand delivered invite from asr and will blow everyone away in her outfit and then they fall in love and live happily ever after ! Ok maybe I fast forwarded that bit but I'm sure she'll get a hand delivered invite from asr - I mean khushi and party - they go hand in hand and our arnav will feel lost if she's not there. Another brilliant update - the highlight of my day! Many many thanks - cant wait to find out what happens next!


Sneha said...

Khushi will have her specl party... with asr!!*fingers crossed*

pls pls...

Anonymous said...

eager to arnav invites khushi.and her reaction...waiting for that day..and now arnav will get suspicious of shyam..or not...only u know khushifan....whatever u do its the best....

Anonymous said...

Hey Khushifan, still disappointed that Khushi did not get an invite, but just thought of something: Are the employees allowed to bring a guest for foundation day- if so will Rajan take Khushi as his guess........KKG Fan

Aparna said...

My hopes are high for the rabba ve in the party. I can feel it coming soon ;) he he Just trying to pressurize you for it ;) ;) Just kidding. I love the flow in your story and i know what will come ahead will also be great :)

Pyaar said...

Khushifan i have some doubts first when prashanth died the inspector told arnav about the last call from prashanths number was his jijajis and why has the inspector not checked the most number of calls that prashanth have made and to whome and then Mishra told Arnav about vakilsab and why havent Arnav even thought about it. Please dont make your Arnav dumb and Khushi is sooo sweet and why wasnt she invited is it because shes familiy for him

Anonymous said...

Is this ur firt part of story before to 31 night or a new story.
I am worried if its first part then Sham will not be disclosed
Please let it not happen like that

Tinni Arnav said...

Heyyy....i finally managed to catch up with your story...its really going great and trust me I felt more hurt than khushi when asr did not invite her...but I am sure you will make asr do something which makes my heart go la la la.....

carmen bogdan said...

Sham scares me.
Poor Khushi she have dress but no invitation.... Even made ​​me curious how she go there .... That party brought as surely you bring her samehow there...

Anonymous said...

Great part.loved the Brainy ASR...


Anonymous said...

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