Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Opposite Poles.. Part 129

Part 129

“Bhai.. Where were you?” Aakash entered the conference room to find Arnav working.  He didn’t even look up.  

“Bhai..!” Aakash took a step forward in that dark room. 
“I am busy, Aakash!” he said gravely.  Aakash understood.  “Bhai.. Nani is not well.  She had high fever.. Doctor had come!” He gave him the information.   Arnav looked up.  

“How is she now?” he asked in a bear whisper.  “She is alright now! But Doctor has advised her to take rest…!” said Aakash, pulling a chair.  Arnav nodded. 

“Bhai, why were you not picking up the phone?” he asked looking around at the huge empty conference room.  ­­­ “I was busy!” he said.  

“Aman said, you are working from here…!” Aakash was puzzled. “Humm!” came a monosyllable. 
“Conference room?” Aakash asked and Arnav looked lost.

“Who brought me out? I was in conference with myself..!” Khushi’s mischief flashed.  He got up with a jerk.
“Aakash check the consignment to be sent today…!” he ordered hinting that Aakash should leave.  

************   *******
ASR crossed the conference room and came into his private room which buffered between his cabin and the conference room.  He couldn’t stand there even for few minutes.  It was Khushi everywhere…!

“Damn it!” he turned his back.  She was all over his office.  He couldn’t see a single space where there was no Khushi….! He came back and picked up his car keys.  He drove off.  She was sitting by his side struggling to remove the seat belt. “Utaranaa Hain!”  

He turned his face.  She was opening the hatch to hop in.. she was on the back seat looking around and bending forward to switch on the music system…! 

He stopped abruptly and turned.
He was in Nani’s room gazing down at her.  She turned her face.
“Do you have any idea, what you have done to her?” Nani asked enraged.
“Yes!” he said.
“Do you have any remorse?” she asked hopefully.
“No! I was right… I am always right!” he said turning his back on her and left her room.

“Aray, Chote? When did you come?” Anjali asked.  He stopped.  “Didn’t you remember? Its Bhai dooj today!” she said sulkily.  He nodded. 
“Where were you?” she asked following him.
“Work!” he said entering his room. 
“Chote..!” Anjali held his hand.  He looked at her.  “What is it?” she asked.
“Nothing!” he said.  She looked into his eyes.  “You can’t hide!” she said.  He looked away. 
“You had a row with Nani!” she said and he turned to her.  He nodded. 
“And Khushi?” she asked.  “Khu..!” he chocked turning his face.  Anjali’s grip on his hand tightened.
“Di… please, leave me alone..! I will come down for lunch!” he said moving away from her.  She looked at him and turned.  

Sir? Are you alright sir?” Khushi peeped into his room to rub salt on his wound.
“Get out!” he yelled.
“What?” Anjali turned shocked.

“No! Nothing.. Sorry Di!” he clutched his fists in frustration.  Anjali went out without a word. 
He came down for lunch.  Aakash too had come home with a pack of gift for his Di.  Arnav looked away.  The table was laid.  Aakash gave Anjali her gift.  She looked at Arnav.  He took out his wallet…
“No, Chote! I don’t want money!” she said firmly.  Sham palms were twitching to grab the wallet.  Arnav looked at her Di.

“Sorry, Di!” he said looking away.  She smiled.  “But one thing you can give me..!” she said.  He looked at her.

“A promise.. that next year you will get me a beautiful bhabhi…! Your wife!” she said giggling and winking at Lavanya.  He closed his eyes.  Lavanya blushed.  She came forward..

“ASR! You asked me something, yesterday night!” she held his hand.  He looked at her blankly.
“The answer is ‘YES’ ASR!” she said looking into his eyes.  

“Hayain? Hello Hi.. did he Propoj you, Ms Tiptop?” Mami asked excitedly.  “No!” was ASR’s reaction.  Anjali looked at him in surprise.  “Aray.. Nani!” Aakash ran forward seeing Nani at the door of her room.  Arnav followed.  “Help me!” Nani said holding Aakash’s hand.  Arnav froze! Aakash brought her down.

She assumed her chair and said in a weak voice. 
“Humay kuch baat karani hain! I want to say something..!”
“Nani…!” Anjali got up from her chair.
“No! please don’t stop me!” Nani raised her hand weakly.  Arnav looked apprehensive.  He gazed at her.  She ignored him.

“I think, Ms Lavanya Kasyap has learnt the norms of this house, by now! Hence forth she will handle on her own… Khushi Bitiya…!” she went breathless.

“Nani..!” Anjali stood up! Arnav forgot to breathe.   Nani raised her hand again.
“Khushi need not come here in this house! We don’t need her...!” she said what she wanted to.  Arnav looked up at her tear filled eyes.

“Why?” asked both Anjali and Lavanya..
“Aray Wah! Saasu Maa… good decision! Bye bye phati sadi!” mami was all happy.  Aakash only gaped at all of them.  

“Shut up, Manorama!” Nani reprimanded.  “But Nani…!”
“No!” Anjali was cut off!  Nani got up with effort.  Arnav was nearest.  He got up to support.  She raised her hand.  “I am still strong enough!” she said walking without any help and Arnav froze!
Lavanya looked apprehensive.  Manage everything, without Khushi? She was not confident.  She looked at her ASR! 

Sham didn’t hide his smirk.  “That is ok.  I am sure Lavanya can manage.  We don’t need that girl in this house!” he said with satisfaction looking at Lavanya.  She smiled faintly.  Anjali looked grave.  “Something is wrong..!” she looked at her little brother.  He was still standing looking in Nani’s direction.

“Chote..!” she called out.  He clutched his phone to his ears.  “Yes Mr. Dhingra...!” he went away striding over. 
“Chote... Kheer toh  khatay  jao!” She said in a small voice.  “I must find out!” she thought resolutely.

“I know, you have not had your food.  Have this..!” Khushi was waiting with a soup bowl in front of sick ASR..

“Shut up!” he couldn’t control his anger... “What?” someone called from the other side.  “No.. not for you Mr. Dhringra..Sorry!” he came back to senses.  He pulled open the main door.....

“Don’t you ever show your face again...!”  He stopped dead.  He turned in anguish.  “Khu....!” he clenched his fists.  “No!” he turned and marched out of the house. Going to the office was out of question.  He drove aimlessly not knowing where he was going...

******   ********   ********

“Jiji... Suno  naa!” Khushi pulled payal who was busy making order methai...!
“Khushi... later! Not now! I am busy!” Payal said slapping Khushi’s advancing hand to sneak jilebee from the plate.  

“Help me pack these!” she ordered looking at Khushi.  Khushi obeyed.  “Khushi we need to deliver ten Kg. Before four!” Payal showed her the time and they both busied themselves.
“Khushi ji!” Sham was at the kitchen door leaning against the door folding his hands, looking at her fondly.  Khushi turned her back frowning.  “Aa  Gaye... Vakil  Saab!” she muttered and turned to face him.

“Aray Sham Ji? Where did you disappear from Mandir?” She wouldn’t leave the opportunity.
“I know.. Some urgent work!” She answered her own question.  “But Maananaa padega, Sham ji.. You disappear in a blink...!” she said loudly.

“Khushi..!” Buwaji was at the door behind Sham.  “Aray Buwaji... Really... he has some disappearing charm..! Phew... here he goes..!” Khushi blew in the air giggling.  Sham frowned. 
“Khushi.. today I am taking you to my new flat...!” he said coming in and picking up a jilebee from the plate.  He dabbed it to his lips and then put it into his mouth.  He licked his lips.  Khushi was disgusted.  She looked at her sister.  

“Khushi... hurry up! We have to pack and deliver!” Payal said loudly and they both turned their backs on Buwaji and her sham. 
“Get ready in the evening... and then we will go buy your engagement ring!” he said authoritatively as if everything was decided.  Khushi gaped at Buwaji and she nodded smiling broadly.  She looked at sham and he raised his eyebrow.  “You cannot escape this time, Khushi!.. it will be late in the evening... i will take you for dinner... and then, I will take to you my new flat....!” He smiled sweetly to Khushi’s dismay.  

********    *********   *********

Arnav returned home after driving aimlessly for hours.  Anjali had gone out with Lavanya. 
“Get one black coffee!” he ordered Ram Prakash and started climbing stairs to his room.

“Aray.. Devayani...! Listen to me..!” Latika was in Nani’s room.  Nani was sitting on her bed and Latika had pulled the chair nearer.  Arnav couldn’t walk away seeing Latika in Nani’s room.


Khushifan said...

hello hi..

Thank you for your overwhelming response to the last update.. I am happy tht many of you liked my Khushi... Thank you..!
Khushi is Pagal...! Thats why she is selfless.. to an extent of understanding other person...! She is Pagal and doing her best to forget that has happened.. She is Pagal.. still thinking about the person who hurts her the most..

I know, many of you didn't like this attitude of hers.. but can't help.. some people are like khushi.. spreading Khushi everywhere, burning like a candle...!

Humm..! I had tears .. while writing the post... feeling her pain...!

Its great to have a sister.. who is there always for you..!


Anonymous said...

Yeughk Shyam is so slimy...glad Khushi's very suspicious of him. She seems to be everywhere for Arnav-good! Don't let him be at eace whatsoever. Feeling bad for Nani, wonder what's going to happen with regards between her and Arnav. I love how you've brought forward the relationships between the different characters. Thank you for another wonderful chapter xx

Anonymous said...

sorry I meant 'peace'

Iluvarshi said...

Hiiii Di....

Arnavs anguish.. Poor soul...
And feel soo sad for khushi..
But reallu miss reading abt them together...
Hope they meet again soon...
But i am glad that unlike the serial ur khushi has enough self respect and is not going back.

Cudnt comment but last couple of updates were really amazing and important...
Waiting for more..

Take care

nisha said...

Nani is giving the details of Khushi to Latika? What other option does she have now, right?
Glad that she decided that Khushi won't be coming to Shantivaan anymore..
Yuck..whats going on in that Snake's mind
Hopefully Khushi's DM will be there again to save her..
Waiting for next update...

Divya said...

hi dear,
loved it:-) she is too good and pure to be true. I have so many doubts!
During diwali how could Arnav touch Kushi like tat nd try to kiss her? when he s nt sure of his feelings! why does he have to take her for granted? We knw he does nt have any feeling towards Lavanya but Kushi thinks tey r in relationship nd tey ll get married so y can't she repel!
If Sham loves Kushi nd really want her! does he have to be happy seeing someone hurting her! can tat be called love?
If Arnav is sick what abt Sham? is he sick too?
can't Anjali's love cure him or in tat matter khushi s (not like lover)? Might be like a friend!
Can someone be like Khushi in real life!
Ps. Do reply ;)

Divya said...

Loved nani atleast she respects Khushi... I think she knows her too well nd she loves her too :)

Anonymous said...

ASR sees khushi everywhere.... Nice that's enough torture for him..
Glad Nani stood up for khushi and said khushi will ot come to shantivan. Now ASRmisses seeing heart work and home . Latika's entry might bring change and possessiveness of ASR back. Height think of a way to get her back .

Totally mind-blowing updates...subha

Anonymous said...

As usual, the update was amazing but I felt it short since its never enough.I wonder whats gonna happen next

Applecut said...

ASR mind ruling by khushi, it was an indriect of gulit. It would make him week mentally. He could be busy with doing none. Nani was back with authority, she couldnt face khushi what her chote done to her. It was a good decision. Hope Anjali's suspicious wnt stop here itself.
Khushi, got another torture.. no problem..she would take away thorns watever comes on her path, whether it sharp or blunt.

Latika again! even hardly do, she wnt get any one of Gupta's, bcuz.. it already registered by Raizada's illegally yet to be legal. hehehe!

Razy said...

Loved d ghost of khushi haunting him everywhere. ..looking forward to read more. ..

arhiforever said...

serves him right, all the frustration, and Khushi understood him so well, he is sick, he needs love

SANA said...

Interesting update..:-)waiting for arnav reaction..

kalaiselvisblog said...

oh dear... just loved our Khushi's memories disturbing our poor arnav... he couldnt avoid her... (wink)..

she's filled everywhere.. even in his heart.. but he's scared to accept that... oh new bhabhi..dats grt.. wat lavanya... oh u cant.. for namesake u have said.. its only possible to our khushi...

oh poor nani... she's so heart broken.. ha anjali guessed it.. oh u idiot shyam.. wat engagement ring, dinner,, den flat... devi mayya.. pls save our khushi from dis idiot shyam... wat latika came.. mmmmm wat nani's next move... (wink)

lakshmi said...

ASR is completely tormented ...Full of Khushi ...ever where..i'm eagerly waiting for them to meet...I liked Nani here. at least she stopped all from calling Khushi to RM. much needed one...even i can't bear her treatment ...God do something to that slime man....looking forward...

snowballs said...

Oh yes Arnavs haunted by khushis memories and guilt is sometimes the biggest punishment more so than harsh words said by the other.
Its nice to see khushi so selfless and move on with her best of making jilabees
Slime shyaams plan needs to take fruit but in a way not expected by him and he exposed truly by himself to all
Khushi stay ever tuned into her intuitiveness and make connections

Great writing

Divya said...

Hi once again!
I have major confusion so plz help me Khushifan. Anyone can help me guys.

What if Sham had done what Arnav did to khushi on Diwali? Sick? Think again?

Atleast Sham has some intentions or feelings, might be BAD but still he knows what he is doing nd what he wants.

What about Arnav??? He does nt have any feelings for her! He s just drawn towards her beauty So is Sham! He does nt care what happend to her So is Sham. He threw her out of the house in midnight dint care for her safety! So is Sham.

Guys dont take me wrong I m a BIG fan of Arnav but still i m nt able to stop comparing tat snake wit him. Sorry :(

But How differnt he is from Sham at this stage!

He does nt care,Value, respect or Love her.

Is it because Sham is Married?
So is Arnav guys! He has a girlfiend?

Committed is Committed either married or has a girlfriend.

In both case Anjali nd Lavanya love their men.

I can go on nd on comparing them.
Please help me to clear ts!


Anonymous said...

Hi divya..
Thank you for your questions...

Frist .. live in relationship.. do you call it commitment? its an escape route from commitment...

Sham is legally married and deceitful enough to ditch both the women.. he has a selfish alterior lustful motive behind running after Khushi...

Arnav does care for Khushi otherwise he wouldn't have risked his life to rescue her from riots..

noone knows.. what Arnav did after throwing her out at midnight...! Let us see who comes to know about it later...

Arnav, though in denial stage.. is drawn towards her and she too towards him... she is ok with his touching her, holding her hand, .. but not with Sham... she withdraws, shrinks, wrenches her hand immediately when he tries to touch him... There is nothing between them... still sham wants to impose himself on her...

They are two different characters entangled in Khushi... one selfish, lustfully
Another still denying that he feels about her...at the same time so drawn towards her.. he cannot resist himself... thought when she said no! he says go!
Do you think sham, given an opportunity like this, would have done that?

Not because he is the hero of this story, Arnav exhibited some exemplary gestures of good character and Khushi knows it..

They both are drawn towards each other... under denial..!

If Sham would have been there during diwali, khushi would have slapped him square on the face, I am sure...

This is what I think after reading and following our fabulous KF.

I never comment.. coz i am not good at it. But today i thought i would answer you.

KF, sorry i invaded.. but please accept my complements of writig such a beautiful story and depicting and nuances of every character so well.

Everyone seems to be correct in your story.. according to their persona...!

Thank u divya.. hope i have not hurt you..


smisham said...

time to grovel ASR or not yet?when he hurts her he hurts himself even more

Dayavanti said...

phew atlast read it before 12... But will comment properly tomorrow after reading it two more times...sham I hate you...no no no I dont want my heart to have any feeling for sham...I just want to erase him from this story of yours that's it...donkey..hmph

Suhana said...

Nani you made the right decision...as you should. Latika?? Arnav you better sort yourself fast! Sham your happiness is short lived. Thanks for the update, KF. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Khushi has touched all parts of asr's life - he cannot escape her. Poor nani - she has set khushi free, even asr was in shock. Looking forward to latikas's conversation...


Anonymous said...

Glad to see him tormented by Khushi's appearance everywhere, he deserves the hurt. I also want to Latika to arrange with Nani and go to Khushi house with a proposal for Laitka's son. ASR you screwed up big time and need to suffer...........kkg fan

Nice update Khushifan

Mymind said...

Khushi has become a shadow for him...a part of him which he cannot ignore......he wouldn't have peace of mind unless he sees her ....

I really hope that Shyam's plan to be with Khushi materializes....only then Khushi would get to see his real face or atleast gather some more hints...but this would also mean him getting his dirty hands on her...that thought makes me wish otherwise....

Would wait to read how Devi Maiyya is going to help her from Shyam this time....

Thank you Khushifan..

Dayavanti said...

coming back again...

He is sensing Khushi everywhere now i.e., his senses are in a battle with themselves..mind and heart..he started using his mind and now his heart is answering and questioning him..his conscience is hitting him in face but still there is time for realisation..What more bad can happen with a person when your heart refuses to do what your mind says and you are not sure which organ to satisfy first because both are important equally important..

I loved the connection you made between the last episode and this one..by nani saying "we dont need her now"..Discussing his parents is prohibited in his house..nani discussed them and this is what she got in return..but ASR is not even considering the fact that by behaving in this manner..he is setting the stage for losing his other loved ones also..he could not do anything for his parents but this time he will regret because he would be the reason to lose them..

How much will you run ASR..akhir toh ghar hi wapas aaoge na..

arey titaliya..itna gabhraye kyun rahi ho..tumhe toh khud naahi pata rehta hai ke tumri subah kahan aur sham kahan..toh phir rehn do nandkishore ko aapne sapna mein..tanik unhe bhi khus rehne ka mauka de do..tumri sham aur sham ki sham ka kaa hoga woh toh tumri Devi Maiyya hi jaane..hai re nandkishore

Aparna said...

Hi Divya, Arnav does love Khushi its just he does not want to accept it. He was in denial but he has understood this now. Also, he is not attracted to her beauty, he is drawn towards Khushi as a person. The way she behaves, he stupidity and her understanding nature.

Khushifan, I cry every time I read her anguish, I know there is more to come, am i right?

Ayesha said...

Loved a lot.Memories of Khushi haunts him and he cannot escape.What is nani upto?How will be Arshi's next meeting?it gonna drive me crazy

Anonymous said...

Khushi s the only one understand him very well..loved ASR s haunting abt Khushi memories


carmen bogdan said...

very nice described Arnav's remorse. I would not ever have imagined spiritual turmoil through which Arnav. Very good description.