Monday, 8 April 2013

Opposite Poles..Part 128

Part 128

“Khushi...?” Payal was shocked to see Khushi at the door at midnight.  

“Woh... Jiji... Please pay that cycle Rickshaw wala!” Khushi dashed to the bathroom picking up her night dress.  Payal hurriedly went in to get money.

Khushi came out after some time to see Payal waiting for her with the towel, at bathroom door.  She had closed the room door.  Khushi took the towel and patted dry her face.  Payal gazed at her from head to toe.

“No! Jiji..!” Khushi didn’t want to talk about anything.  “I Know!” Payal said gravely and holding her hand brought her to the bed.  

“Sleep!” she said tucking Khushi under the blanket and Khushi closed her eyes.  Payal went in to the kitchen to boil the milk.  She came into the room again with milk glass mixing sugar and Turmeric.  She waited for Khushi to open her eyes.  

“Jiji...!” Khushi shuddered and Payal placed her hand on Khushi’s forehead.  She could feel the anguish.  Khushi opened her eyes.  “Pi lo! Have it!” Payal helped Khushi to get up and gave her the milk glass.  Khushi drank it and looked at Payal.  “Now, go to sleep!” Payal said sitting by her side and caressing her face.  Khushi closed her burning eyes.  Payal sat there patting her, stroking her, without asking her anything..! 

Khushi woke up to find Payal still sitting by her side and stroking her head.  “Jiji..!” Khushi sat up.
“No!” Payal pushed her back on the bed.  “Take rest Khushi..! Don’t get up!” Payal said with tearful eyes.  Khushi hugged her tightly.  “Jiji..!” Khushi sobbed.  Payal held her tightly.
“No, Khushi! Don’t cry.. We will talk about it later.  Ab So Jao, Khushi!” Payal said in a hoarse voice.  Khushi closed her eyes holding on to Payal.  She felt safe.  She was with her family... with her jiji!  Khushi slept like a child in her Jiji’s arms.  

***********    **********   ********

“What happened Nani?” Anjali was asking holding her hand.  Nani looked around.  Everyone had gathered in her room except her chote.  

“I am not feeling well..!” she said with efforts.  The last night drama had taken toll on her and she was running high fever.  Laxmi was sitting on her bed looking at everyone.  They tried to shoo her away in vain.  She was not ready to leave Nani.  

“I.. I will call the doctor..!” Aakash dialled the number.
“Where is bhai?” he asked and Nani closed her eyes. 
“Arnav bhaiyya, went out somewhere early morning..!” Ram Prakash said holding a tray of tea cups.
“Hello hi bye bye! Call him, Aakash Bitwa..!” Mami sat on Nani’s bed pressing her knees.
“No! Please don’t call him.. he must have gone out for some work..!” Nani said opening her eyes.  Everyone looked at each other.  Aakash talked to the doctor.

“He is coming in fifteen minutes..!” he said.  Mamaji helped nani to sit up.  Mami gave her tea.  Laxmi too got up seeing nani sitting up.  

“She should take rest... “ The doctor prescribed the medicine and went away.

“Aray.. where is Khushi?” Now Anjali had looked around.  Sham folded his hands on his chest smirking.

“She went home... got a call!” Nani told meekly.  “Is it?” Sham couldn’t stop himself from asking.  Anjali looked at him surprised.  “No.. I mean.. thats right! She went home~!” he covered up.

*********    ************     **********

“Aray, Khushi? When did you come?” Amma asked seeing Khushi in the kitchen making another cup of tea for her.

“Just now, Amma... !”Payal answered on her behelf.  “Chal Khushi..!” Payal pulled her.  “I will get your tea!” She said.  Khushi smiled faintly and went into Babuji’s room.  She came back after some time and said..

“Jiji, Laddu Bananay hain!”  her jiji was surprised.  “Laddu?” she asked.
“Bhog Chadhanaa Hain! I have to take them to Mandir!” Khushi said. 
“Ok!” said Payal looking at her intently.  “I will go have bath..!” Khushi said.  When she came out, She was wearing her dupatta tightly around her neck hiding the dark marks and a full sleeves dress.  Payal looked at her and said.. “Chalo  I will help you!”  They engrossed themselves in making Laddus.
Khushi and Payal were in Mandir, sitting on floor gazing at the idol.  Payal couldn’t stop her tears.  Khushi told her briefly about the night’s incidence.  

“Khushi...!” she held her hand tightly breaking down.  “Jiji...!” Khushi wiped her tears.  Payal recollected herself.

“Why didn’t you slap him?” she asked knowing Khushi’s reflexive behaviour.  “I couldn’t!” she said and Payal fell silent.  Khushi sat wrapping her arms around her knees.  

“Rakshas  Hain woh... He is a Monster... He could have killed you, Khushi!” Payal’s rage saw no boundary.  “I will go and ask him....! He had no right..!” Payal got up with a jerk.
“No!” Khushi pulled her back looking at her Devi Mayya.

“What?” Payal asked shocked.  Khushi stared unfocused and spoke.
“Jiji, you remember, our neighbour? Neeraja chichi? And her son Anuj?” Khushi asked holding Payal’s hand not letting her go away from her.  

“Haan... what about them?” Payal asked bewildered.  “You know, how worried chichi was about Anuj?” she asked again.  “Haan!” Payal agreed.  “I know, he used to do anything in a fit of rage! “ Payal said shuddering with the memory.  

“And once he had thrown away everything from the house..!” Payal added.  The shattered room of Arnav and his wounded wrist flashed before Khushi.  She continued. 
“Do you remember? Once babuji had brought that old Hoquiam Chacha when Anuj had gone out of control?” she asked.

“Haan!” said payal.  “You know? That hakim Chacha was like an angel to Neeraja Chachi...!”  Khushi and Payal both went back to their house in Lucknow and her neighbour Neeraja.  

The haquiam looked at Anuj, who was sitting in the corner and was crying hard in repentance. he said... “What if your son had a high fever and was ailing..?”  Neeraja looked up and said.. I will do anything for him... “Usaki seva karungi.. I will take him to the doctor..I will do anything ...!”
Haquiam chacha smiled and said... your son is not a brat or bad... your son is sick! Treat him like an ill person who needs love and care...! he is not bad, Beti... yeh bachha tumhari  bahut kadra  karataa hain... he cares for you, he loves you, Beti!  Only thing is he is not well.  He is little sick... !” Haquaim Chacha had kept his hand on her head and said
“He is not mad or bad.. he is sick.  Treat him as sick person.. give him your love and care.. That is his medicine...and not bashing... he will be alright soon!”  Neeraja had tears in her eyes.  She knew why was Anuj behaving like that after his father had left them both.

“Woh beemar Hai Jiji...! he needs help!” Khushi said in a bear whisper and Payal looked at Khushi.  Her eyes filled with tears... “Khushi... that’s why babuji has so much faith in you! How can you think like this?” Payal hugged her younger sister, admiring her.

“Humm Jiji.. I can think like this, because I am mad! This madness gives me this weird thinking...!” Khushi grinned to Payal’s relief..

“Haan  So  toh  Hain...Pagal  Toh  Tum  Ho!” Payal said grinning back. 
“Chalo Khushi..!” She said getting up.  Pandit ji had come with empty Laddu Container.  Payal took it and turned to leave.  Khushi went to her Devi Mayya again.  

“Hope Nani ji and Arnav ji are alright!” she murmured.
“You are still thinking about them? What kind of bond is this, Khushi?” Payal asked shocked.  Khushi looked lost.

“I don’t know, Jiji.. What is it called! But I can’t stop thinking about him...!” Khushi said to Payal’s bewilderment.  “Probably.. I am the only person who has seen his best and his worst...! I have seen him risking his life to rescue me in the riots... I was the one to see him saving me from getting kidnapped or raped... I was the one who knows that he paid all our hospital bills.. I was the one who has seen him helping Regi sir... “

“I have seen him punishing the wrong doer, I have seen him ruthlessly killing his competition by his business prudence, I have seen him yelling at people around him...And I am the one, who he bashed like anything... insulted, humiliated, manhandled...! As if I am his punching bag..! I am the one he hated the most..!! ”  Khushi said holding her Jiji’s hand.

“What is it, Khushi? Love?” Payal asked aghast.  Khushi looked startled.  She gaped at Payal..
“I don’t know, what it is...May be our love to hate each other?” she asked faintly smiling.
“Chalo jiji, we are getting late...!” Khushi said descending the stairs.

“Are you... are you planning to go back to Raizada house?” Payal looked at Khushi’s descending figure.  Khushi turned.  

“No Jiji.. I will never go there again or meet him.. They don’t need me ...!” Khushi said turning and waiting for Payal to catch up with her.

“Have you forgiven him?” Payal asked looking at Khushi’s dark marks on the neck.
“No! Who am I to forgive him, Jiji? He should forgive himself...! I don’t have a solution...!!” Khushi again remembered his shattered room and shuddered.  

“You are the saviour, Khushi, you will endure to save someone!” she said  kissing her head affectionately.

“No jiji, I am a bad omen...!” Khushi said looking lost.  “Had i not stayed over, had i not asked the question... this wouldn’t have happened...he wouldn’t have gone out of control... Nani wouldn’t have suffered so much...! “ Khushi said sadly.

“No, Khushi... you are not a bad omen... you are the purest of the pure hearts! You are an angel...!” Payal broke down again anguished at Khushi’s suffering.  

“Chalo Jiji.. let us plan for those extra hours I will be getting from tomorrow...! I don’t have to go to that house in the morning now!!” Khushi smiled and descended holding Payal’s hand like a child.  


Khushifan said...


I know you all were upset with my last post.

Will this give you some solace from your anguish? I don't know.. But I hope this gives you some peace of mind... and present before you a different Khushi...! Is it against her character? No! She is the same Khushi.. but we are seeing her from different angel...!

I am proud of my Khushi... are you?



jessjazz said...

Your Khushi is so selfless... she can think to the extend that Arnav is sick, and he needs help!!

Payal and Khushi's conversation is wonderful and meaningful... feeling the pain that Khushi was going thru' and yet not needing to utter any words...

And upon Payal's questioning Khushi if it is love and her answer : “I don’t know, what it is...May be our love to hate each other?” she asked faintly smiling."

How can Khushi be so selfless? And yet she is labelled as Pagal!!!

lakshmi said...

Hi KF, i was looking for an early update...glad u gave us one. I'm really impressed and love ur Khushi. She is well written character of this ff, which i badly missed in the show. I like the way she's come out of not so good around her. So she's is the one who found out abt his sickness...emotional or psychic problems had to handled and helped by people who can care and love the person ....ASR IS LUCKY....u 've made me love this Khushi more and more by each updates....Also i liked the way Payal handled Khushi. Love their bond too...

Anonymous said...

And....she picks herself back up again! Is there anything this khushi can't do?! She recognises that asr is not well. She remembers all the good and bad in him and so she isn't angry but concerned for his well being. She is right, will he be able to for give himself for what he's done?

I'm proud if payal too - I've never been a big fan, but this time she takes care of he sister and comforts her in a way only a loved one can. I hope nani confides in anjali - maybe she can talk some sense into asr.

Hmmm....where is asr and what will happen next?

Anonymous said...

The last comment was by me - SB!

Dayavanti said...

It was simplest for is in her nature to forgive and she will do it no matter what happens...we have seen her forgiving sham also for his misdoings on the screen..

however after the last episode, it will be the most difficult for nani and arnav to reinstate their relation to the same level it had reached or portrayed..though this episode showed only a bit of what may happen..but i think that is most important part to look at now..nani who was trying her best to show the difference between Lav and Khushi to Arnav through her tactics and staying over of khushi was may be one of them..however events took a sudden turn..

As i said Khushi is of a forgiving nature however she is a very instant and good decision maker too..that is again portrayed well when she decided to not to go to RM..rather "they dont need me now"...this was the most important part of all the conversation i think

Razy said...

thanks for d early update. ..otherwise I will eat my head thinking wat hapnd to khushi. ..well she is like that. .now wer is asr?

Applecut said...

Yes! Am proud of your khushi. She took correct decision waht he want to undergo. Love and Care!There is no equal punishment or treatment for humiliation or anguish actions. It pierces their hearts what they done and regrets. Other hand, it could be best medicine for wounded hearts. Loved the adorable and lovable bond of Jiji and Khushi. Narrating the part of best and worst of Him's. Khushi was at last step of knowing up and down of him. When he would understands her?

Thanks for earlier update, making full stop to our hearts be rest in peace knowing of Khushi's intentions and reactions.

Anonymous said...

Poor Khushi. I cant see her pain anymore. No one understands him the way she does. She is indeed an angel.

Aparna said...

Hi Khushifan,
I have no words to say. Yes, I am proud of your khushi too... I believed in her and knew she is such a pure soul and she will have bear so much. God only gives pain to those who can bear it. I feel bad for her though. Why should someone call her bad omen?

May your khushi get happiness soon...

Sneha said...

Is arnav listening all dis?? He might hav gone out lookin fr khushi... Hope so... N finally a word "love".. yess it is.. :)

Suhana said...

Am soooo proud of you... and your Khushi. A pure soul, only can think like this Khushi. So emotional when Payal sits with her silently feeling Khushi's anguish. Admired the 'interaction' between the sisters. Payal's understanding as to when she needs to be there for her sister. At least Khushi has Payal but Arnav is suffering alone, specially now after what he has done in his rage/outburst. Khushi you know him so well.
KF,you are seriously an admirable writer who can make us feel with your characters. Hats off to you! God bless and lots of hugs to you for going through so much pain to give us this. I am sure you must have gone through a lot of tissues while writing this episode... I sure did reading it.

shai c said...

What an update KF ! I so loved Payal in this one . Being the perfect sister she is , providing support without any questions or suggestions ! Love their bond and understanding !
Khushi Khushi Khushi ! What a girl she is ! Even after so much torture , she still can see the reason behind Arnav's behaviour and can surely see the positive aspects of his nature ! But when i was reading the update i was thinking that Oh no ! Now she will again forgive him easily and move on ! But No ! U surprised me again ! This girl surely has a solid soul ! Way to go Khushi !

kalaiselvisblog said...

dear... really this khushi is an angel.. who can see d positive side of every probs... oh dear... loved d true bond between khushi and payal... "Love to hate each other..." oh dear...

Khushi is d one who can handle his every actions and reactions... oh my poor arnav.. where did he gone.. am sure he wont forgive himself for hurting his khushi like that... luv u so so much dear...

Anonymous said...

yes payal is right. Only khushi can think this way.... purest of pure heart... very true

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Now that's a little better :) Liked how your portray Khushi's psychoanalysis on ASR, he is sick, needs our Khushi's tender loving care....waiting for the next update and like Snaha said hope he was there and overheard .......kkg fan

IPKKND786 said...


I have been following your story from myeduniya....and from there wandered to your are a wonderful writer...expressing each nuance of these characters so well!!!!

You are going to be my only solace in the upcoming inlaws are coming to stay with me....and looking forward to reading your stories is what makes life a little bit better :)

Thank You

Anonymous said...

Hey Khushifan... Why don't u update ur story twice in a day atleast once in a week??? i mean atleast 8updates in a week??? I know i sound a bit selfish but wat can i do??? ur story is damn good, describing everyone so well, i keep on checking ur update the whole day in a hope that u might update a bit earlier n in evening thinking that u might give 1 more update...

arhiforever said...

I am proud of this Khushi, of course she is an angel, with the most purest heart, who can see thru you, I am still upset about the last post, just waiting to see when you are going to turn the tables

Mayuri B said...

KF,you are fab,Kushis portrayal is excellent.I wish you wld update once more today to show arnavs state of mind...cheers to u...

Anonymous said...

I wish we all understand other's behavior, the way khushi's character understands other. lovely!!!!

Anonymous said...


nisha said...

I am proud of your Khushi and love her..Only she can think like this..
And what she said is true..Arnav needs to forgive himself first so that he can be at peace with his past..
Poor Nani..running high fever...she must be devastated

You are such a fabulous writer KF..your story leaves us wanting more.

Will you end this on 31st December? Or will you rewrite the rest of it too??

smisham said...

i admire ur khushi,its so easy for her to understand him n forgive n accept him for what he is,another brilliant piece of writing,KF

Anonymous said...

This is one of the best FFs I read. Couldn't stop reading it once I started. Great progress with the story and a very interesting plot. I also like your attention to detail without leaving any loose ends. Please continue the same way. I look forward to your posts everyday eagerly.

Keerat said...

I agree but I still think that u should teach Arnav a lesson and make him understand how wrong he was to do this to her that would be good I think.... And I like how khushi is selfless but don't make her so selfless that she gets hurt every time and don't be like Arnav asks for forgiveness ( if he does) and khushi just forgive him right that secound that would really look good if u make them not understand what's right and what's the right time to forgive and forgot I hope ur understanding. This because I am too confused so bascially Arnav should learn his lesson and khushi should not be tooooo selfless !!!!!


anu angelina said...

if u belive me-i was crying.

Mymind said...

Seemed as if it was not Payal, someone else!.....the way she supported Khushi through her silence accompanied by lovable gestures made her more respectable!....Khushi has made the right inference.....he is sick...needs help... but can she do it alone....he himself has to make the first attempt....atleast by stopping himself from running away from the problems and hurt that he has created...

Khushifan...your Khushi is one of a kind......rarely find characters like her...who puts others before oneself...

Thank you Khushifan...eagerly waiting to read ASR...

Ayesha said...

Can't wait longer.Please update soon....Where is ASR?

dewdrop said...

Hey khushifan,
Awesome update.Really proud of khushi.You are the best.Fantastic and absolutely mindblowing,thrilling update.Hooked on to every word.Please update soon.
I have again started posting on my blog.Thanks for your amazing comments and sorry for not updating .Had a network snag.I am overwhelmed to get comments from a writer super talented like you.Would love to hear from you again.Plzzzzzzzzz.

carmen bogdan said...

interesting and good post. So much love and understanding. Dread locks but love frees the senses and understanding. And I admit that Paiel with Khushi is like an angel. I went to soul your post. I did not expect such explanations. I was touched to tears....

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