Sunday, 14 April 2013

Opposite Poles..Part 133

Part 133

“You know Chamakili? I was so scared and confused...! Nani said you won’t come, she had a high fever, ASR was not talking to me, Di was worried too
!” Lavanya sat on her bed. 
“What? Nani ji ko kya hua?” she asked concerned.
“I don’t know! She is not well, she has not come out of her room since yesterday..!” Lavanya informed.  “I don’t know what happened..! Di said ASR had a row with Nani..! I mean I have never seen that house so upset..!” Lavanya was worried.

“I don’t know, how, But Chamakili you got to come to the house again.  Use your tricks, Chamakili.. do something, but I need you!” Lavanya said desperately. Khushi gaped at her.

“You know, not even two days, and I missed you so much, Chum..!” Lavanya was emotional.  Khushi was lost.  “Nani, not well?” She knew why!

“You know what Chamakili? ASR didn’t have his food.. actually he fainted this morning..!I was so scared..! Thank God! Di was there to take care!” Lavanya went ahead to give Khushi an heart ache!
“What?” she asked aghast.

“Yeah.. He didn’t even have his medicines, it seems..!” Lavanya shuddered with the thought. Khushi had tears in her eyes.  “Why is he doing this to himself?” she floundered not knowing what to do. 
“And Nani said I should manage on my own! How? Tell me Chamakili?” Lavanya was helpless.  Khushi gaped at her.  Lavanya looked at Khushi with hope.

“Tum aogi naa?” she asked holding Khushi’s hand.
“No, Lavanya ji!” Khushi withdrew her hand.  “Why?” Lavanya was lost.  Khushi didn’t answer. Lavanya sat there without a word.  

“Lavanya ji..!” Payal gave her a tea cup.  Lavanya looked at it.
“Jiji.. unhay juice pasand hain!” Khushi said looking at Lavanya.  Payal looked at Khushi desperately.  There was no fruit juice in the house.   Lavanya didn’t notice anything.  She absentmindedly took the cup and sipped the tea.  Khushi gaped at her.

“Chamkili..if you are not coming, then I am! Everyday!” she was determined.  

***********    **********   ***********

“Chaliye, Khushi!” Sham held out his hand to support Khushi.  She gaped in shock!
“I got a car for you, today!” he said smiling at her.  She looked at her Buwaji and understood.
“Come on! Lets go!” he was in a hurry.  He held her hand pulled her up.  She tried to be free.  He glared at her and said “I will carry you to the car!” he looked at Buwaji and she nodded naughtily.
“Aap Kyun  Nahi  Giri, Buwaji? Why didn’t you fall down? He would have lifted you, Buwaji!” Khushi frowned.  Payal stood at the door not knowing how to save her sister.  Even Amma seemed to be ok to send Khushi with Sham.

“Umm.. Ok! I will get ready!” she said weakly and Sham with Buwaji went out leaving Khushi and Payal in the room.

“What will you do now, Khushi?” Payal was panic.  “I will go with him!” Khushi said helplessly.
“Khushi, if you don’t want to go with him, tell him!” Payal knew that this alternative was not going to work.  Buwaji would start hauling and Babuji would be upset again.  “Khushi ji!” Sham knocked on the door.  Khushi frowned.  “Jiji, I don’t feel comfortable with him!” she said in desperation.  Payal was nervous.  “Ok! Jiji, can you give me the perfume, Aakash ji gifted you?” Khushi asked sheepishly.
“What?” Payal looked shocked.  “Jiji, please?” Khushi asked in desperation.  Payal gave her the perfume bottle and opened the door.  Sham was standing there waiting for Khushi.  Khushi sprayed the perfume and went out limping, her bandage still on.

“Jiji, give me Babuji’s walking stick!” she said when Sham was all set to left her.  “No need Shamji, i will manage!” she said stopping him from advancing.  He frowned. 

**********   ********   *********

“What did I do Buwaji? It was just an accident! It was so dark there..” Khushi retorted back when Buwaji scolded her badly, placing rose water gauge over Sham’s burning eyes.  

“Sham ji..! Do you think I did it on purpose?” Khushi held Sham’s hand and sham shook his head.
“Buwaji.. No, she didn’t do it!” Sham held on to her hand and she let him do that turning her face and winking at Payal.  Payal knew that Khushi did something.  

“But you know Buwaji, his flat is beautiful!” she said appreciating recollecting the scene.

“Khushi... you step in first.  We are going to live here after our marriage!” Sham had kept his hand on her shoulder.  She was little nervous. She clutched the walking stick leaning on it.  It was new building with not much  habitation yet.  She looked around standing outside.  The finishing and plastering work in the neighbouring flats was still going on.  Only a few of them had name plates on the door.  She was scared to enter the flat.  She looked at Sham who was gazing at her.  She took a step inside.  It was a small two bedroom unfurnished flat ready for possession.  Sham came in closing the door behind.  Khushi looked around.  It was evening and there were no lights.  She moved around in the flat hurriedly and said.. “We need to hurry up! It will get late!”  Sham had all the time and didn’t pay attention to her.

“Come Khushi.. !” he opened the room.  Khushi peeped into the bedroom.  The only furniture piece in the entire flat was in the bedroom! The bed!”  She perspired nervously.

“I bought this first.  My choice!” he said pushing her inside.  She stood by the window looking at him.  

“Everything else, will be of your choice, Khushi!” he looked at her expecting that she will be happy.  He moved closer.  Khushi was frightened.  She cursed her Buwaji for sending her here in the evening with Sham ji.  She moved away pretending to have a look around.  He patted on the bed sitting on it.
“Sit!” there was a request cum order.  Khushi shuddered praying her devi mayya.  

“Humm... she said moving further away.
“Umm Sham ji... This looks to be a very good locality.. the prices must be very high!” she said diverting his attention.  He still was sitting on the bed.  

“You don’t have to bother about it.  I am there to take care!” he said smugly looking around proudly.  “Humm... that is right!” she said gazing through the window at setting sun.  She felt like running away from that place.  Sham was close behind  placing his hand on her shoulder, she was clutching her babuji’s walking stick tightly!

“Humm...!Khushi...!” he inhaled the fragrance closing his eyes and she turned to face him placing her hand in her bag.

“Haan shamji! It is a beautiful perfume.  It lasts longer! You know? Lavanya ji gifted me this!” Khushi saw at his dreamy eyes getting scared.  She continued.  “You know I like this perfume very much..!” she was inching away and he was closing in.  She took out the bottle and looked at sham through the bottle.  She sprayed the perfume on herself and turning the bottle to him asked.

“Do you like this perfume?” he looked at her licking his lips and said..”I love whatever you like, Khushi..!” he took a step ahead holding her hand tightly.  The stick in her hand fell down. Khushi gripped the bottle in fright.  “Ok then..!”   

The next moment his scream reverberated in that empty flat.
“Awaaww~! Shit!..Shit!  What the hell..! Shit..!” he was rubbing his eyes in sever blinding pain.  Khushi was panic.  “Sorry Sham ji! Sorry!” she held his hand and had tears in her eyes.  He had lost his senses.  His eyes were burning.  

“Sorry Sham ji, I didn’t know! It sprayed into your eyes..! Its so dark here, I couldn't see the nozzle.. Sorry!!” she held his hand and brought him to the hall, picking up her stick.  Sham was furious.  He held her wrist and twisting it pulled her closer, gritting his teeth, still closing his burning and watering eyes.  

“Khushi don’t worry! I will be alright soon..! He wrapped her in a hug to her dismay. “
“What are you doing Sham ji..!” she tried to free herself.  “We are going to get married, Khushi..!” he said getting angrier.  “No! Sham ji! We are not married yet! You will not touch me, till then!” she was furious too.  She broke away fuming.

“Don’t try this again, Sham ji! “ She said forcefully taking out the bottle again.  

“Oh god! Its written poison here..! I am worried Shamji.. we must go to the doctor!” She yelled and took him  out of the main door.  She made him keep the car in the parking and took an auto. 

******   *******

“Buwaji, look at this, we bought engagement ring!” Khushi looked at Sham.  He took it out from his pocket.  Khushi took it and handed it over to Buwaji.  

They had going to jeweller and had selected a simple one trying it out on her right hand finger.  She had no interest in it but faked her enthusiasm.  That night Sham stayed over and Khushi latched her room from inside.

*********   ******   *****

“She doesn’t want to see my face! Fine! I won’t see her again..! What does she think of herself...!” he was fuming.  He had somehow pulled the day without her, trying hard not to remember her in vain.
“Khushi Kumari Gupta, I am better off without you!” he clenched his fists.

“Bhai...!” Aakash barged in hopelessly.  Arnav looked at him questioningly. Aakash sat beside him on the recliner hanging his head hopelessly.

“What?” Arnav was puzzled.
“Bhai... she refused to talk to me! She said, ask your brother!” Aakash dropped the bombshell on him.  He froze.

“Bhai...!” Aakash looked at him with hope.  He closed his eyes and then said.
“I will handle it! Be ready tomorrow morning!” Aakash took a sigh of relief.  Arnav clenched his fists.

“Khushi Kumari Gupta, the last word is always mine..! “ he smirked.
“Don’t want to see my face? Let us see, tomorrow!” he closed shut his laptop and switched off the lights.


Khushifan said...

Hello hi,

Sorry for the delay, Weekend.. you see!!

Here is an undate.. hope you like it. will post the next part by midnight, hopefully..

Please please comment.. and all my young and old girls... keep in mind the dangers lurking everywhere... please be safe and protect yourself..


Khushifan said...

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anu angelina said...

hey i am first after a long time

u blioody ****** shyam don't u dare to touch her


my arnav will send u to hell if he came to know about this.

my blood is boiling

uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu shyam-u r gonna pay for this

Anonymous said...

wow something fishy......amazing update

jessjazz said...

Hi Khushifan, if you are not afraid of plagiarism, I don't mind sharing your story. but only to my friends. :)

Thank God Khushi had something to protect her... and she also does not, as I, understand why her Buaji sent her off with Shyam!!!!

You so-and-so, keep your hands to yourself!!! Khushi is only Arnav's.

Looking forward to next segment, since Arnav will visit her soon.

Anonymous said...

Great update..what a twist..waiting for ur next part


Pyaar said...

hey di why would buaji and amma feel comfortable letting shyam carry or touch her is this how every one act im not married so i really don't know why would they allow a man to touch their girls and dot they see it in their face whether she likes that person or does she feel annoyed why would they eve allow i don't understand the logic even it was to be damadji still there should be limits before marriage right even khushi why did she have to hold his hand when she was home she said not to repeat this again why cant she not touch him i feel disgusted

This is not to hurt you di but i feel bad for khushi

Pyaar said...

And happy new year to every one.We say subha aluth awruddak. Iniya puthuwaruda valthukkal anaiwarukkum

Butterfly said...

Loved the update ! Can't wait for the next one. Pls update soon ....waiting eagerly...

lakshmi said...

Thanks for ur wishes Pyaar and wish u the same....

KF we know shyam can't be avoided, but please stop him doing physical advances....disgusting..really that guy needs a whack....looking forward for the other part.....

Mymind said...

Good...she got to see Sham's dirty side...more reason to repel him... he pulled off one more day without seeing her face....he was waiting to jump in find a reason to see her face....and he would be glad that Akash gave him the reason if pursued wouldn't hurt his ego....

Is some surprise waiting for us in the next update?....You always do have a beautiful way to bring in twists and surprises....Thank you khushifan

Anonymous said...

Slim e is getting on my nerves, the only furnishing is in the bedroom, how appropriate:(

Not sure what you have planned for us next, but it seems ASR still has not learned his lesson......kkg fan

Anonymous said...

disgustiing disgusting disgusting........................please stooooopppppppppp his physical advances!!!!!!!!!!!!i can feel kushi's disgusted feeling right now!!!stupid ******* slimy man LET ME MAKE IT CLEAR TO THAT SNAKE ........KUSHI IS ARNAV'S AND WILL ALWAYS BE HIS.................FOR THE NEXT SEVEN YEARS TOOOOOOOOO............NOT EVEN THE SNAKE OR LAVANNYA CAN SEPARATE THEMMMMM.....YUCK YUCK YUCK.I SHUD NOOOO I WANT TO SLAP THAT BIG FAT BUAJI......DISGUSTING WOMAN

kalaiselvisblog said...

oh my poor khushi... doing whatever things she can do to protect her from dat idiot shyam... devi mayya pls raksha karna.... oh i loved our khushi's naughty plans & making it as if it happened accidently... lol...

mmmm so payal has said akash to ask his bro... gud... so wats going to happen next... mmmmm waiting eagerly dear... (wink)

Suhana said...

Arnav, Akash has provided you with a reason to visit KHUSHI and you have grasped it with both hands. Dubte ko tinke ka sahara mil gaya! Now lets see if Snakwa will be still hanging around and get caught by Arnav. Slimy, run for cover. If Arnav catches you, tumhari to tabahi shuru!

Anonymous said...

Lavanya is such a dumb ;)

snowballs said...

I like Lavanya because if it weren't for her arnav and khushi wouldn't keep bumping into each other with khushi visiting the house and training Lavanya in Indian values.

But I dnt like Shyam for what he does but like him for his character because if he weren't as such we wouldn't witness khushi sankadevis sanakpan

Arnav is ready to grasp any lifeline thrown at him and I have a feeling as Payal was avoiding akash he must have asked her and khushi has instigated that P tells A to sk Arnav and that's exactly what has happened and Arnav will take the chance to go see K&P to ask his questions demanding answers

Seems like he shall not learn any lessons yet

Divya said...

Hi KF,
Eagerly waiting to read more.
Continue soon...


Applecut said...

Great update.. Now,Khushi were full aware of Shyam's intentions and his dirty actions. So, she would soon or may be, draw to make a full stop about shyam. Buwaji was blindfolded on shyam, when she cames to know truth, she was first and last person, who wouldnt forgive him at last breathe, even he seek forgiveness too.
ASR, till now, didnt regret,insted he were angry on her due to rejection of him. Lets see what happens on payash matter.

smisham said...


Anonymous said...

Pepper spray or perfume...all the same it seems!


Anonymous said...

I liked how he sprayed perfume to escape the urging of sham

Anonymous said...

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