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Opposite Poles..Part 138

Part 138

“Haii.. Nandkishore!  How beautiful! Look Payal, Khushi’s engagement dress!” Buwaji was excited. 
“Actually Buwaji, I wanted to buy a saree for her, but she refused.  She picked up this dress!” Sham smiled at Khushi.  “So I had to pick up matching kurta for me!” he went ahead.  Khushi sat there expressionless.  Only Buwaji and Sham seemed excited about the engagement.  Amma buried herself in babuji’s room and Payal went inside without a word.  

“Khushi got up with a jerk and went into the kitchen.  “Jiji, Mandir Jaanaa hain! Akelay!” she said gravely.  She badly needed to talk to her Devi mayya.  

“At this time? Mandir will be closed soon..!” Payal said.  “Bass Jaanaa hain!” Khushi was determined.  “Ok! Go this way!” she whispered pointing at the backyard.  I will handle  here..!” she assured her younger sister.

“Aii Khusi...!” She was caught by Buwaji.  “Buwaji, Mandir Jaanaa hain! I have to go to Mandir..!” Khushi said miserably.

“No way! Not now!”Buwaji pulled her in sternly and Khushi lost her last ray of hope.  She looked at Payal she was hopeless.  Sham smirked.  

“Ok! Chaliye! I will come with you!” he said grabbing the opportunity.  “No!” Khushi shrieked in disgust.  Buwaji gaped at her.  Payal was on the verge of crying.  Amma was miserable in helplessness.  Babuji’s pillow was soaked with his tears.  

“Khusii.....!” Buwaji gripped her wrist and pulled her inside her room closing it behind her.  Sham smirked.  Payal sobbed and ran towards Babuji’s room.  When Amma saw Payal’s ghostly face she understood and broke down.  

**********   *********   *********

“Balwindar...!” Dasgupta was sitting in Balwindar Singh’s office.  Balwindar looked startled.  “If you have nothing to say, I leave!” Dasgupta said sternly.  He was sitting in Balwindar Singh’s office for more than half an hour doing nothing.

“Umm yeah! Das...!” Balwindar still was lost.
“Stop calling me Das.. and I will come some other time!” he said getting up.
“I am worried about Biwi!” said Balwindar Singh.  “You should be!” snapped Dasgupta.  Balwindar looked lost again.  “You are aging!” Dasgupta said and Balwindar Singh, chairman of BTR group of industries rose with rage.

“No! I am not!” he said angrily. “Ok!” Dasgupta got up too.
“She needs a change!” Balwindar Singh said gravely.  “I know! Take her somewhere!” Dasgupta advised.  “I am taking her to Delhi!” Balwaindar Singh said. 
“You are paying for your mistakes..!” Dasgupta was blunt enough.  Balwindar Singh nodded. 
“You need someone in your life!” Dasgupta concluded.  “And my intuition says, you will have someone soon!” Dasgupta left Balwindar bewildered.  “Hope So!” Balwinder placed his hand on his chest looking up at the skies.  

*********    **********    ********

“Khushi, sit here!” Buwaji pulled her on the bed holding her hand.  Khushi looked away sulkily.
“Look at me!” ordered Buwaji, Khushi obeyed.  

“Khusii.. its not your fault.  But its your fate!” Buwaji started off gravely.  Khushi started digging her own grave by listening to her.

“Your grandfather died in the year you were born”  She started off. Khushi listened.
“Then  your father lost his job..! When you were eight, your parents died!” she was blunt enough.  Khushi quivered with tears.  “Why?” Buwaji asked.  “Because of me!” Khushi answered trying to pull her toe nail.  

“Then Shashi Babua brought you here and adopted you.  Next year my husband, your fufaji died..! Then Payal’s baarat went back without wedding... why?” Buwaji asked.
“Because of me!” Khushi admitted applying all the force to rip open the nail.  “Then the TV footage brought disgrace..!” Buwaji.. “Because of me!” Khushi broke down in tears.

“Then You came here with me.  And your babuji lost his shop! His health deteriorated.  He had to come here.  You were charged with fraud and theft ... he got a stroke...! Why?” Buwaji asked gripping Khushi’s wrist.

“Because of me!” Khushi hid her face in her palm.
“Nothing happened because of you, Khusiii!” Buwaji gave her a shock.  Khushi looked up.
“Its your horoscope.. your planets.. your fate, Khushi! Its not your fault!” Buwaji said gravely.  Khushi gaped at her with her mouth falling open.

“Do you understand? Your horoscope says... “ Buwaji couldn’t complete.
“that I am a bad omen..!” Khushi said in a small voice.

“Khushi... Do you think i am enjoying by telling you this?” Buwaji asked her with tears in her eyes.
“No, Khushi... My heart is stabbed while telling you this.  I am not educated... I don’t know about this modern science... I go by the old books and traditions... Khusii... we just can’t do anything against our destiny.  We just have to bow our heads...!” Buwaji stopped to breathe.  Khushi resumed pulling her nail.

“Khusii.... do you understand?” she asked looking at crestfallen Khushi.  She felt sad for this girl.  She placed her hand on Khushi’s head and said..”Khusii... you just can’t do anything.  You cannot change your destiny.  The only thing you can do is..!” she paused.  Khushi looked up with hope.

“Understand the signals and hints of destiny and try to mitigate the loss...!” Khushi looked blank.  She didn’t understand anything.

“Khusii... I went to Pandit ji with your horoscope... and what he said about your past was hundred percent true!  Then he gave us some hints about your future...You are going to be very happy, Khushi!” Buwaji had a smile on her face.  Khushi didn’t understand how?  

“Khusiii... some people are born unfortunate...!” Buwaji started off again.  Khushi gaped.
“But I am not unfortunate.. I have a great family ...I have...!” Started off Khushi but couldn’t complete.

“I know...but are we? With having you in this family?” Buwaji nailed her finally.  Whatever unfortunate things happened in this family are all..!” 
Because of me!” Khushi concluded shrinking in anguish.  

“No Khushi... its not your fault.  Its your destiny...!” Buwaji sighed.
“Now.. If you want to free us from all will have to bow before your destiny and do as Pandit ji says!” Buwaji showed her a ray of hope.

“You should be  married to a person who has no family, thats what Pandit ji said. You are a bad omen for the family members! You cannot marry a person who has his family alive.  That will be bad for them...!” Buwaji said.  Khushi looked up and nodded.

“You should marry an orphan..!” Buwaji concluded.  Khushi nodded again.  “The prosperity of this house, will return only when you go out from here!” Buwaji made the final strike.  Her blind faith and superstitions were speaking through her.  Khushi nodded.  

“Khushi.. the planetary positions are changing when uttarayan behins... I want you to get married before that!”  “Panditji said it will be too late if this does not happen.  Do you want that to happen? Look at your babuji’s condition...Do you want all of us in trouble again?” Buwaji crucified her.  Khushi looked up with tears.  

“I should go away... !” she said trying to convince herself.  “Yes!” Buwaji said.  “By getting married!” she added.  Khushi gaped at her.

“What if I run away?” she asked innocently.  “Still you will be Khushi Gupta!” Buwaji showed her the technical hitch.  Khushi looked lost.  

“Khushi, do you understand what I am saying?” Buwaji asked her.
“Yes. Buwaji.  I understand and I will get married to Sham ji!” Khushi concluded to buwaji’s satisfaction.  Buwaji got up to go.

“Buwaji..!” Khushi called out.  Buwaji turned.
“Umm.. I too believe in destiny.  I too believe that one cannot change the destiny...!” she looked at her Buwaji “Can I ask you something?” she asked. 

“Haan Khushi ...!” Buwaji was kind enough to answer her query.

“I know, I believe in destiny.  But it is unknown to us..!” Khushi paused.

“Are you sure, the pandit ji who told you all this, by reading my horoscope, told you the truth...? Do you trust his knowledge?” Buwaji looked aghast.  

“Are you sure, my horoscope is drafted correctly?”  Buwaji took a step ahead.  Khushi stood her ground.
“Are you sure about the time of my birth ... you said my horoscope is based on the time and place of my birth...!” Khushi nailed her Buwaji.

“Khusii...!” Buwaji screamed angrily for khushi’s arrogance in not believing the pandit ji, who sham had introduced to her.

“No! Buwaji... you are right.. I am a bad omen and I will listen to what Pandit ji says!” Khushi gave up finally hiding her face in her knees.

“Now, you don’t have to tell anything about what we spoke to any other person.  This should remain between two of us. Understand?” Buwaji held out her hand.  Khushi nodded hiding her face.
“Promise me, Khushi...!” Buwaji waited.  Khushi looked up at the held out hand and placed her palm on it promising that she will not tell anyone anything about it.

Buwaji opened the door and saw Payal at the door.  Payal looked inside at Khushi on the bed with drawn blanket over her head.

“What did you tell her?” Payal asked angrily feeling khushi’s anquish.

“I told her what must be told!” Buwaji snapped back and went out.  Payal dashed in.  Khushi had already disappeared under the blanket.  Payal understood, that Khushi didn’t want to talk to anyone.  She decided to leave Khushi alone and went out to confront Buwaji who was sitting with Sham.  Sham had given her a cup of tea.  She was gasping and using her inhaler.  Sham looked at Payal and said,
“Please, do not talk about it now.  She is exhausted” He held buwaji’s hand and took her inside.  She needed rest after talking her heart out to Khushi.  Payal went inside burning with rage.


Khushifan said...

Hello sorry for this update. I know many of you will not like it.
But I am only trying to bring in the realities of life.
This is what happens in most of the families.
Khushi's questions are the highlights of this update, I believe.

Please please comment, what do you think about it!

Love you all


and DK, thank you for pointing out that its jha. It is spelt in both ways. Jha and Zaa! I took the later one...!


DK said...

BTW - one thing you can do help reduce anguish of the readers is by giving us a nice episode with ASR and Khushi.. even if they cry or fight as long as they are together, we all appreciate it.

DK said...

this is so weird, I had put in two comments but only 1 got posted..

my earlier comment was:

reading through this update, I almost felt the anguish Khushi must have felt.. very sad.. but true this is what happens in most families in India. Especially the orthodox ones..

Didn't know "Zaa" is correct too. My husband is a Jha and assumed that's what it is..

Anonymous said...

Buwaji is such a kameeni're right about how this happens, and you've highlighted a very ugly and frequent yet important issue beautifully in this chapter. Really hope you make Buaji and Shyaam pay for what they're doing to an innocent. Very sad, well written chapter you made me feel for Khushi and all others who are subjected to such treatment. Looking forward to your next chapter xx

Anonymous said...

Dear khushifan was unable to comment for the last few updates. I am just curious how khushi will overcome the shyam hurdle. I liked how she tries to see the positive side.that she is not unfortunate, she has a famliy and everything.

Hate buaji to the core. and shyam i want something to happen to him.. curse curse.

lovely updates.. and asuusal good read. subha

Anonymous said...

No bashing at all KF, sometimes when a person is told something often enough, they start to believe it. I really felt khushi's anguish and pain in this update. Really beautifully written. Heartbroken for her. As dasgupta has suggested a change of scenery does this mean this part of your story is coming to an end? I really hope not. Your update makes our day - maybe you can carry on this story and it could take the other fork in the road?....just a suggestion.

Apologies for not commenting in your precious posts - will go back and comment on them today.


Razy said...

thanks khushi fan.. yes..u r ryt some ppl r like buwaji...blindly believe in such superstitions. ..

nisha said...

Can I kill Shyam Manohar Jha- the root of all troubles??

Hated Buaji cunningly she made Khushi quiet.

Will the engagement really happen? Hope no..
Looking forward to your next update

Suhana said...

I have heard a lot about these type of beliefs and pactices happenin in India and consider myself really fortunate that I never had to be subjected to it. My heart goes to all those who are the 'victims' of such circumstances. Not everyone ends up with a person like Sham but still a person should be allowed to express their feelings where marriage is concerned. Very sad for Khushi...Payal will do something...DM please do smile on our Khushi. This update was necessary...Thanks KF.God bless you.

Anonymous said...

"He held buwaji’s hand and took her inside" BuaJi and Slime would make a much better couple, can't you develop this plot instead: )

The one good part of this episode was the return of Balwinder and Uncle DasGupta. Hopeully there will be some light at the end of this episode but I guess we still have to sit thru the engagement between Slime and Khushi (bummer) kkg fan

jessjazz said...

Khushifan, NO!!!! Buaji is so cruel! Sob, sob! Saying that to titliya who will believe everything! Damage needs to be controlled and now.

Das and Balwinder are in this story too! I hope they bring some relief to Khushi and take her away with them.

Since ASR is the one who caused all the trouble, doubt if Payal will run to him with this new musibat caused by Shyam and his pandit.

arhiforever said...

do not like Buaji, how is it Khushi's fault, no way, why is no one able to see different line of sight, and only what is shown by Shyam. I hate the feeling that everyone is handcuffed and not able to breathe. Its like chudiya phenehi sabne, cannot Garima speak up. Too much tears, cannot take it anymore, last week was getting suffocated by ASR and this week this. Will Payal speak up for Khushi or just like in the show will only take care of herself?

Where is ASR now?

arhiforever said...

The only good this is Balwinder and Uncle DasGupta, sob son

rainqrazy said...

KF, this episode was beautifully written, Khushi's pain and anguish were apparent. Buaji is a horrible horrible person to be blindly believing Shaam babua over her own family. I hope she is dealt with justly when Shaam's truth comes to the fore. I have always felt that Khushi should have stopped talking to her.

Anonymous said...

Wen Shyam care for buaji so much then why can't he marry that nand kishore?? they make a good pair, always troubling our Khushi... Yes i felt a bit bad that ARSHI is not there in this update but Khushi's questions were actually right... Now my doubt cleared that this bad omen thing has also come because of that creepy sham... priyanka

Anonymous said...

Anyways di, today is a holiday. Right??? So?? u know what i mean... please... waiting for ur next update

Anonymous said...

please di don't let her engaged to that sham.. please please please.. do something please...

Dayavanti said...

i feel like crying..when i read it first thing in the morning..i just hugged my husband tightly and rested for peace..thanking DM for my destiny and whatever i have got..the best of parents, the best of in-laws, the best of friends, the best of brothers, sisters and cousins and most important the bestest husband..I LOVE YOU GOD...

dewdrop said...

Hi di,
Such a sad and emotional update.I felt like crying.How can anyone be sooo cruel.Anyways it was a very nice update.Thanks for taking out time from your busy schedule to update your story.Payal's stance toards buwaji was amazing.Only and only you have the capacity to turn a meek lamb to a fierce lioness.Loved it so much.
Di I wanna read that story which you wrote on khushi's life on 31rst december night.Where will I get it?I searched for it without any success.Can you give me the link plzzzzz?

Aparna said...

My heart goies out to Khushi. I could feel her pain. Her innocence and intelligent were both shown very nicely. But she is feeling so trapped she doesnt know what do. I am sure she will also find some one soon who will show her the way. Her overwhelming faith in Devi Maiyya will not be waste. Her DM will send someone to her. I will be waiting for the day.. New Year will bring new life for her. I am Sure :)

Anonymous said...

i am going to go to qutation gang to kill this buaji and her slime babua.really really,she is the BAD OMEN,ITS BECOZ OF HER, HER HUSBAND DIED.AND SHE DOES NOT HAVE CHILDREN..........................................................................................SLIMY AND BUAJI SHUD GET MARRIED(THEY MAKE A WONDERFUL PAIR LYK OUR ARSHI BUT NT UPTO THEM).

Mymind said...

Know that Khushi would spring back soon...but still heart bleeds for she's all set to runaway after marrying an orphan....let's see which orphan!.......and Balwinder Singh and fmly too undergoing some turmoil.....

Buaji is blessed with ignorance......good for her, but bad for people around her!

Looking forward to read more soon.....thanks Khushifan

kaelin said...

hey its really really awesome..i was waiting for ur update from yesterday dude...i loved it...and actualy i oved the flavour of buajis charachter..u made her look bad at the beginning and then now concluded well telling her ,her own insecurities on kushi..and atlast again brought the bad touch..ur not making her look evil but just a old woman thoughts imposing on youngsters...i actually loved that way u portrayed..awesome...and i think its hight time u should bring either arshis confession or shyam revealing....and i loved u for another reason...yeahh u brought my papaji back..balwandar singh...haha loved it..pls update more and more and more...atleast i want two dose a day...two updates pls...sorry if i am being u..kaelin

kaelin said...

hey kushi dying to read more of ur stories pls can u tellme of anyother stories..plantasy to verify i finished reading anyoher one..oy of arshis do u have dear....

Applecut said...

Buwaji cornered by showing family's weakness to Khushi. Hope, Khushi wouldn't bow head for her destiny. Feel for Khushi. Nice update

kalaiselvisblog said...

payal & amma... haha papaji mummyji coming to Delhi... he's going to take khushi with them... oh dear... dis buwaji... arggghhhh.. oh my poor khushi...

yes the panditji has told the truth.. arnav has no family... i mean his parents has dead... oh so much pain dear... even then i luved it.. update soon dear.. luv u..

Anonymous said...

Can u please give the links to your other stories

sharan said...

the person who always think about others happiness and about others betterment can never be a bad omen they are something which is most precious.

sharan said...

the person who always think about others happiness and about others betterment can never be a bad omen they are something which is most precious.

smisham said...

I agree with u completely KF,this happens in a lot of families,even in the so called educated elite class,the pandits r often (not always)unscrupulous n can be bribed to give biased opinions,thereby wrecking many lives in this process

Anonymous said...

painful but beautiful writing

Anonymous said...

Hope you can take positive criticism.

First plus points:

Language is very good.
Updates are regular.
Storyline though based on original IPKKND but interesting twists and turns are there.
I like the language fluency as well.
Title is excellent.

Now the negative points:

I sometimes feel that story has jumped from one incident to another one without any connection with the previous one such as recently in an update you wrote about 'Khushi's head massage to ASR" don't you think that reader will enjoy the scene and its background. Like this every chapter seems to be a separate story, lots of connections and scenarios are missing. If you just read your own story in one go you would like to make lots of changes/connections in many places yourself.

Please take it positive, I am a regular reader of your story. Nice try,just if few amendments are made it will be worth publishing.

Your well wisher