Thursday, 21 March 2013

Opposite Poles..Part 110

Part 110

He came to the office and for the first time responded to the Security Guard’s salute! The shock on the guard’s face didn’t wipe off for a very long time! 
Regi called. Arnav smiled picking up the phone.
“ASR! Talk to her!” Regi was agitated with his mother’s attitude.  She was not cooperating for the treatment.  ASR sighed and waited for his mother to come online.  He talked to her for a long time trying his best to convince her to go ahead with the treatment.  The painful chemo had started and she had given up in the first cycle itself.  Nine more to go ...! He tried explaining to her in his monosyllable conversation in vain.  He was not at all good at it.  He only knew to command, to order and expected others to follow his orders...!

“Listen to me damn it! Else I will bring you back to Delhi!” he yelled threatening her.  His voice reverberated.  Everyone looked up at his cabin and he realized who he was talking to.

“Look.. I  am sorry!” he said in a  mild tone but the phone was disconnected.  He dialled again.

“Sorry, Regi!” He started off.

“Oh! She needed that yelling..! Let me see how she reacts to your terror dose!” said Regi. 

 ASR busied himself in the work.  His phone rang and he got the long awaited news.  One of his Lucknow project was through with construction permits.  He closed his eyes in satisfaction.  “Three more to go! But I want all of them together!” His ambition didn’t stop with one project.  His brain started formulating strategies for handling financers.  “Next time, my share will be more..! AR Constructions will be in the market with its own brand, in construction!”  He called Aakash and Aman.  

“Aakash, the project is through despite a failure with Mehta Construction..! This time we have to be more careful!” he said seriously.  Aakash’s face lit up! Aman looked at ASR in apprehension.  Having prior work experience in construction company,  he knew the dangers in remotely monitoring the construction sites.

“This is a great news Bhai.  I know, this is ’ make or break’ for us.  But I am sure, you already have something in your mind to make it a success..!” Aakash said admiring his bhai.  Arnav nodded. 
“This time, no outsourcing, Aakash.. We will have to have our own team.  Local construction company Dhingras are ready but the supervision should be ours.  Twice a day progress update we require to keep tight control over the costs! Aman, you will be the point of contact from AR constructions! You will handle this project with few others!” he said opening the rolls of blueprints and Gant Charts!  New excitement waved throughout the office.  A new venture of AR Group.  A complete diversification!!

*********   ********   *********

“Didi, Ley Lo Naa! Only Five Rupees.. The bumper draw is tomorrow, Didi! Try your luck! Didi, you have come from Mandir.. Devi Mayya will shine your luck.  Lay Lo Naa!”  A small boy followed her everywhere persuading her to buy the Lottery Ticket.  Khushi’s eyes lit up! 

“Agar  Lag  Gaya  Toh?  She looked at the draw money.  “Fifty Lacs? “ She looked at the boy.  He knew she was gullible.  He smiled at her broadly.  “Devi Mayya, Kisi  Ko  Khali  Haath  Nahi  Bhejati..!” He took advantage of her religious beliefs.  She nodded putting her hand in her bag.

“Khusiii... No! I don’t give you money to buy lottery!” She remembered her babuji reprimanding her when she was young and had pestered her babuji to buy a lottery ticket.  He was annoyed with her.
“There is no shortcut, Bitiya! There is no substitute for hard work..! This kind of gain won’t last long, Khushi...! No!” he had given her a slap when she was adamant.  

Khushi put her hand in her bag and took out five rupee coin.  She gave it to the boy.  “Didi, Ek Nikalo..!” said the boy smiling broadly fanning out the tickets.  She shook her head.

“No Bittu miya..!” she patted on his skull cap.  The boy looked at her surprised. 
“These five rupees are for you! Do whatever you want or take a Ticket for you!” she said smiling.  He looked at the coin and looking up at her said.

“I will eat something, Didi! These Lottery tickets are not for people like us.  We are only to sell these, cannot try our luck..!” the boy said gravely and smile on her face wiped off.
“Yes, bittu miya... Bade  Hoshiyar  Ho!  Jao  Aish  Karo!” she pushed the boy and he ran towards the sweet shop.

“Aray  Haan! I didn’t try the sweet shops in Mandir compound! I will get the samples tomorrow morning..!” she smiled again and crossed the busy road almost running towards her house.

********   **********    ********
“Aray Sham ji? Where were you?” Khushi was surprised to see Sham sitting at the table. 
“Khushi.. Come inside!” Payal pulled her.  “What happened?” Khushi looked at Payal’s worried face.  Babuji’s health had deteriorated.

“But Doctor said he is improving..!” Khushi wondered.
“Yes Khushi.. but this morning after you left he was unconscious.  Sham ji told us and we ran to his room” Payal said nervously.

“Sham ji? He was there?” Khushi asked narrowing her eyes.  “Jiji.. why every time Sham ji finds out that Babuji is ill and why is he alright when Sham ji is not around!” She asked suspiciously.
“Stop it Khushi! Don’t raise doubt about his intentions.  May be he can see the symptoms better than us..!” Payal said reasonably.  Khushi came out.

“What happened to Babuji, Sham ji?” she sat beside him and asked.  He turned to her and said
“When I came in the morning, he was in his room but when i went to meet him he was unconscious..! Don’t worry Khushi, he will be alright.  I called the doctor and he has given new medicines.  I have bought them..!” He took out the packet.  Khushi took it and went into babuji’s room.  She sat there holding his hand.  

“Babuji, how did this happen?” she was in tears.  She looked at the medicine chart and got up with a jerk.  She took out the medicines and helped him to sit.  She gave him the medicines and came out again.  Sham was still sitting at the table but this time Buwaji was with him.
“Hey Devi Mayya.. Steam Engine got fuel... she will start again..!” Khushi muttered and before Buwaji could start, she started off
“Sham ji, I was waiting for you that day.  You didn’t come!” she looked morose.  Sham felt better. He came forward and said, “Sorry, Khushi! I had some urgent work! And by the way, buwaji’s pension work is done.  She will start getting her family pension from this month, regularly!” he gave her the good news.  Buwaji had tears in her eyes.  Khushi looked at her and came to her.
“Chalo Achha Hua! Now Buwaji will be happy!” she hugged her Buwaji.  “this is all because of sham Babua!” Buwaji said gratefully.

“I know Buwaji.. Thank you Sham ji!” she said sweetly.  Sham was relaxed.  She prayed her Devi mayya to give her strength.

“Umm Sham ji?” she started off.  Sham looked at her. 
“Can you tell me, how much would be the hospital bill?” she was not ready to give up.  Sham looked at Buwaji hopelessly.  Buwaji came to his rescue.
“Aray Khushi, he doesn’t want to talk about it.  He doesn’t want to disclose how much is the bill..!” Buwaji looked at Sham fondly and Sham nodded.

“Really? Buwaji, that’s because he does not know, how much is the bill!” Khushi pulled the pin of grenade.  “Did you give a blank cheque? Sham ji?” she asked raising her eyebrows.  Sham got up with a jerk.
“Khushi ji, I told you, it really does not matter who paid the bill!” he was annoyed and nervous.
“No sham ji, it does matter.  I want to repay that money as early as possible.  So, if you have paid the bills, please tell me the final amount!” she too got up.

“Khushi ji you still consider me an outsider...!” Sham was hurt.
“You are!” she said flaring up her nose.  “Khushi...!” Buwaji yelled.  Khushi covered up..”I mean, you are till we get married! But I won’t till I replay all your money, Sham ji!” she bowled a googly.  Sham was clean bowled.  He gaped at her.  “Khushi!” he was very hurt.  She was determined.
“Sham ji,  please don’t misunderstand me! But I enquired in the hospital and I will get the duplicate bills too!” she said looking straight into his eyes.

“Khushi... listen! Sit here!” He asked her to sit by his side.  She did.  “I..I arranged the money from someone.  He paid the bills!” Sham confessed.
“Who?” she asked.  Buwaji too looked worried. 
“Khushi, I know the law.  Your company was bound to pay the medical bills and they did!” he said challenging her.

“For your information, Sham ji, I was relieved from duty a day earlier!” she stumped him.  He grew nervous.  Then clenching his fists like a cornered cat said.
“Khushi, I never said I paid the bills.  Payment was important that time than who actually paid the bill! I never said to anyone that I paid the bills!” he stood angrily.

“And now, I think I should leave.  If you don’t trust me, there is no point staying here.  Buwaji, I will send your pension file tomorrow.  You get the work done in the office!” he blackmailed and Khushi understood that she should not stretch it to break it.

“There is enough time, Sham ji! I will have to dig further, to know who you really are... !” She thought determinedly.  And smiled sweetly at Sham ji.

“Aray, Sham ji? You are leaving? I thought we would go out for some time!” she said turning her back on him.  He froze and turned.  “You want me to come with you? Where?” he asked.

“Where else? My favourite place, Mandir!” she said.  He sat back.  “Ok. Get ready!” he smiled.  She went inside and her phone rang.  Sham picked up.  It was from Raizada House.  He didn’t know what to do.  Khushi came out running and snatched the phone.

“Hello?” she called out.  “Aray, Anjali ji? What is it?” she asked and listened for a while.
“Yes Anjali ji, I will come.  In fact we are going to that Mandir only... yes, yes  we will come..!” she said smiling.  

“This is great! Sham ji, let us go!” She said wearing sandals.  Sham gaped without moving an inch.
“Aray  Haan!  Jiji are you coming?” she winked at her Jiji.  Sham took out his phone.
“Umm Khushi, I will make a phone call and come!” he disappeared.  Khushi waited.  He came back to say he has some urgent work.

“See? Again? I feel we are destined not to meet, Sham ji!” she giggled and Sham turned his face enraged. 
“Destined not to meet! I will change the destiny... i will have you Khushi!” he clenched his fists in frustration.

***********    *********    ***********

“What the hell are you doing here?” he yelled seeing Khushi in the Mandir.
“I should be asking you this question, Mr. Raizada!” she retorted back and Nani smiled.
“Khushi bitiya, don’t discourage him by asking such questions.. It’s a big favour he is doing on us and devi mayya by coming here with us.  “Its only because Di insisted...!” he retorted angrily and Khushi wondered realizing his love towards his Di.

“If you are done, let’s go!” he barked and Anjali giggled.  “It’s not started yet!” she said looking around for Panditji! He took out his phone and went away. 
“Aarti Pakadnaa  Bhi Nahi Aataa! Can’t even hold the Aarti properly!” she muttered angrily looking at him holding the aarti reluctantly.  

“Tumhe aataa Hain to Pakado!” he thrust the thali in her hand.  She glared at him. 
“Aray... Dono  Thik  say  Pakado!” Panditji ordered and he had to hold the thali with her.  She raised her eyebrows teasing him. “Shut up!” he barked and Anjali looked at him angrily. 
“Aray, you two, hold the Aarti properly!” Nani was behind them and Arnav frowned.  He had to do Aarti with  Khushi.  She took Prashad with full devotion and he refused turning to go out. Khushi held his hand angrily and said under her breath.

“Prashad!” he glared back at her.  She pulled his hand and kept half of her Prashad on his palm.  He kept gaping at her.  “something came crashing down in his mind..! Prashad Ka Gud! The green eyes were glaring at him.”  Someone rang the Mandir bell and he came back to his senses. She stuffed half of her portion in her mouth and gestured at him to have his.  

“It’s not that sweet, Mr. Bitter gourd!” She whispered and ran out of his reach before he could grab her angrily.   Nani watched both of them and a broad smile appeared on her face.  She was grateful to Lavanya for not coming to the Mandir!! She called out!

“Khushi bitiya! We have kept pooja at home! And you will have to come to help us! And yes! We may require sweets and jilebees! Anjali will place the order!” Khushi nodded, looking at him angrily.  He already had reached his car!


Khushifan said...

Thank you all for all your support and love.
And anonymous, this is specially for you! Thank you very much for writing such a comment. I came to know how much my readers like my writing, the way they all retorted back. You know? there is a saying that a critic should be your next door neighbour. He always keeps you on your toes. Thank you once again!

And all others, I am overwhelmed. I am so tired now. Last couple of days i have been doing technical documentation day and night. My brain got exhausted... It gave me only technical terms ...

Don't know what i have written. Please even if you don;t like it, say you liked it. Ok?

I didn't even read it once after finishing writing. But I wanted to post today to tell all of you that, I will be writing and taking the odd comments like this like a pinch of salt to spice up my writing.

Thank you

SANA said...

Nice update..:-)i was waiting 4the update..luved arnav nature in current story..
tmrw my exm wil finish..i am relaxed..
sry for nt commentng past days...hope u dnt mind..

Anonymous said...

Omg, it must be the middle of the night where you are and you posted this. Thank you so much! Honeslty, you really make my day with your updates. The story is slowly professing, khushi is digging deeper, Asr is slowly changing to arnav. I love their interaction. Just read this once - will read it a few more times and comment again!

Good night, sleep tight!


Anonymous said...

Progressing not professing lol!


Suhana said...

Wow and Thanks for the update! Your dedication and love for writing is
evident which are highly appreciated.
Khushi is so smart, she will have Sham sorted soon, fingers crossed. I like the fights between ASR and Khushi. Poor guy can not resist her!! And nani has seen a glimpse of her Arnav when he is around Khushi.
Love and God bless.

Anonymous said...

Sherlock khushi....she knows how to play Shyam. He's smart but so is she....let's see how this turns out. I'm really glad khushi mentioned the bill, she'll figure out he's a fraud sooner or later.

I found arnavs construction company takeover a lil strange - it didn't make much sense to me in the serial either - from fashion king to property developer? I guess it might be to do with sheesh mahal?...,,,,

They both went to the mandir and did arthi together...what exactly is arthi? I'm not sure, is this the prayer with the thaal? My only insight is literally IPKKND and Bollywood.

Many thanks and I look forward to your next update.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Khushi, you need to bring Slime out in the open. Khushifan you have a remarkable storytelling gift. Enjoyed your update and their aarti moment. Waiting to see how you lead into Khushi getting Regi's mother to take her treatment : )Waiting for your next update.........kkg fan

BTW, that anonymous comment was pure idiotic.... why read if he/she don't like your story,,,,,beats me

sushmita said...

hi khushi, beautiful update.. good to see khushi at par with our snake, loved her attitude.. and arti with ASR..... wah! sab devi maiyya ki kripa........... hahaha...... nehi..nehi i mean khushiji ki ........ bye waiting for the next update.....

Mymind said...

Mr. Bitter gourd ke dimmag mein 'past' ki ghantti baj rahi hai?..."Prashad ka gud"...reminds me of know what!

Shyam has made sure that Babuji's health would helpless would he(Babuji) be feeling!

lakshmi said...

Hey KF, i'm very glad to see an update in the morning.... so u r help up in ur's ok ..we can understand....good one.. only khushi can make Asr to do all which others can't imagine.....shyam appeared after a couple of updates.. who's going to corner the snake...he's slithering smartly every time....looking forward...

Anonymous said...

I am such a big fan of yours. You are simply WOW.I love your story sooooo much.-akansha

Aparna said...

Great update.. Shadow of past life also appeared.I liked the conversation between sham and khushi... Finally it happened and I am happy with the outcome too. Still worried about khushi's earnings and job.

Applecut said...

Fantastic. Khushi cornering shyam each way was brilliant. Now Nani can get sum sparks abt b/w ASR and Khushi. Temple scene was nice.

carmen bogdan said...

Thank you very much. And we are grateful that despite all think your personal life, which is sometimes exhausting, you take the time to post. I want Jesus to reward you for your dedication to us, and to rest and recover soon. We will expect every day to "meet" with you and our beloved heroes. Each of us have heavy days and speed this century we all tired. But do not forget that the faith and support of mental factual or chlorine surrounding the remote can traverse any attempts.
I like Khushi's intelligence highlight, beautifully made when talks between Sham and Khushi. And I liked the idea of the steam engine, loud funny.

Razy said...

Loved it....khushi is on a mission. ..I hope u dnt get ill due to ur overwork. ...all d best. .keep writing. ..bcs it can bring smile to many faces...:)..

kalaiselvisblog said...

oh poor regi's mom... mmm she needs dis dose.. hehehe.. so diversification.. papaji, shondeep.. wow...oh dear.. dat five rupees.. its so touchy..

wat.. new medicines.. oh dear am worried.. haha.. dats my khushi... so clever... u idiot shyam.. ha loved d way they hold the thaali together.. (wink) mmmm dat prasad part.. so nice.. giggling

ha Mr. bitter gourd... new name.. oh dear.. so many names.. u r too gud.. hehehe.. ordering sweets.. dats grt.. devi mayya... pls help her with the temple shops too.. oh.. is she going to find abot shyam.. am waiting fingers crossed

Dayavanti said...

arey dear i read it in the morning but didnt get time to comment..then was busy with ISO in my office...

i like the way she confronted that donkey sham..jab dekho tab braying karta rehta hai...Khushi ek baar uski puch pakad ke jara aage se laat mar do to maza aa jaye

smisham said...

thanks for the update,loved it,missed u

Anonymous said...

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