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Opposite Poles..Part 118

Part 118

“See! Nani... All the shopping done for Diwali..!” Anjali was excited.  “You know? He spent two days with me shopping for the festival..!” Anjali rested her head on Sham’s shoulder.  He patted on her head.  “We do this every year, Raani Sahebaa!” he said sweetly.  Everyone nodded.

“Hello hi bye bye.. let me see what you you have bought ...!” Mami started opening the shopping bags.  “Wait Mami.. we will have to put the labels ...!” Anjali came to her help and they got engrossed in showing the purchases. 

“Lavanya, this is for you! The daughter in law of this House!” Anjali pulled out an expensive saree with matching jewellery. 
“Really? This is so pretty! ASR, look!” she took the packets to ASR.  He nodded with a line of smile.  Mami had got jewellery of her choice.  Aakash and Nani were happy with whatever was bought for them. 
“Umm... Di.. can I exchange this for a diamond ring?” asked Lavanya looking at the ruby ring in the set of neckless, bangles and earrings..!  Arnav looked up.  

“Umm.. yes Lavanya ji.. but why exchange? Chote will gift you..! Isn’t it Chote?” Anjali teased her little brother.

“Yeah! ASR, we will go and buy the ring, i had seen it in the Mall!” Lavanya said dreaminly.
“You go and buy it, Lavanya! I will pay for it!” he said sipping his tea.  

“You know? Its all his choice.  I mean he selected all the items so meticulously for everyone remembering everyone’s liking.  She admired and adored her husband of being the best husband in the world.

“And what did he buy for himself?” asked Nani fondly.  “Nothing..!” he said smiling.  “I have the best family in this world.. why would I  need anything else?” he said overwhelmed with the love of Raizadas.

“That’s not fair! Jijaji, you have to buy something for you..!” Aakash said looking at his big brother.
“No... wait! We will buy something for  you! It will be a surprise!” Aakash said again looking at Arnav for his approval.  He nodded.

“What is this?” Mami picked up the last bag.  “Yeh? This is for Khushi!” Anjali said loudly and Arnav glanced at the packet.

“Khushi? Why? Hello hi bye bye? Anjali why did you buy for her?” Mami asked disgusted. 
“Aray Mami... She has done so much for us! I just felt like giving her something in return” she opened the packet.  It was a lamon yello saree with pearl work and red and yellow stone studded matching jewellery.  

“You know, he selected!” she raised the packet and looked at her husband fondly.  He smiled slyly. 
“Haain? He selected? When did he meet her? Hello hi bye bye? Kahi bahar milay ho kaa   Damaadji?” Mami was bang on.  Sham looked nervous.  But Anjali said smiling..

“I was there naa Mami! I told him a lot about Khushi and he said, this would suit her!” she said looking at everyone for approval.  Arnav paid no attention to the discussion. 
“I have to start the new project after Diwali.  I must be prepared this time to keep the cost under control!” he thought seriously getting up to go.

“Wait, Chote! This is for you!” she picked up another packet kept aside.  “Ok!” he said not bothering to open it. 
“Don’t you want to see?” she asked sulkily.
“No! If its not of my choice, I won’t wear it!” he said curtly.  “What? Chote..!” Anjali puffed out her cheeks morose with her little brother.  Arnav had moved away.

“Atleast have a look at it!” she opened a box of gold bracelet and cufflinks! He glanced at it.  “I don’t wear that thing! But cufflinks ... ok!” he approved cufflinks and went away.
“Yeh chote  bhi  naa...!” Anjali shook her head hopelessly.  “I am going out, Di! Will be back in couple of hours!” he said and went out picking up his car keys.

*********    *********    ********
Khushi came home completely exhausted with the day’s work.  She had more orders for Diwali and Payal too was busy with the work.  The tuitions were doubled as the unit tests were nearing.  Khushi and Payal were working round the clock.  

“Hi ray NandKishore..! Yeh  Sanaka Devi.. can’t keep the things tidy!” Buwaji yelled picking up her bag.  “I will, Buwaji!” let me finish my tea first!” Khushi yelled back.  

“Don’t know! Whom to believe..!” Buwaji banged her forehead with her fist and sat on the chair completely lost.  She had been to Panditji  for horoscope matching and the facts revealed by Panditji were exactly matching with Khushi’s past.  Then he had revealed Khushi’s future.

“Her destiny shows a lot of endurance for this girl.   Bharay  Puray  Ghar Main Iski  Shadi  Mat  Kijiye! Don’t wed her in a joint family... she is a bad omen...!” Panditji had said.  Buwaji came back lost in thoughts.  

“He is right.  She is a bad omen.  Shashi Babua is ill because of her..! All our property is gone because of her.  She is the reason for her parents’ death” Buwaji had confirmation of the fortune telling by Panditji.  “I should send her as soon as possible from this house... She should marry Sham Babua!” she concluded and was ready to do anything to put her plan into action.

“Let this Diwali be over.  I will see to it that she gets married to Sham... by hook or crook! Sham Babua will take her away... Our bad days will be over..!” she thought resolutely.

**********   ********   ***********
“Anjali bitiya.. what happened? Did you ask him?” Nani said seriously.  Arnav had gone out without even having his breakfast.  

“Umm  Nani.. actually, Sham ji made a passing remark about umm... Sheeshmahal..last night!” Anjali revealed. 
“What? Why?” Nani asked shocked.  “He knows... Chote gets upset whenever we talk about these things.. then why did Damaadji speak about Sheeshmahal..?” Nani was upset too.
“Umm Nani, there is a rumour that they will be converting it to a five star hotel!” Anjali said gravely.  Nani shook her head hopelessly.  

“He is upset, Anjali bitiya... he has hurt himself physically... have you seen his room?” Nani asked Anjali.  Anjali nodded.

“I have asked Ram Prakash to clean it!” she said with tears in her eyes. 
“I don’t know, when he is going to come out of his past..! He should stop this...! He should stop hurting himself...” Nani was in tears too.
“There should be someone in his life who would take away his anguish..!” she said gravely.  Anjali nodded.

“Lavanya ji is there now.  I am sure Nani, he will soon come out of it!” Anjali said with optimism.
“Humm.. Lavanya... She didn’t even notice that he was upset and has hurt his wrist..! She was busy with her party plans asking him come along with her!” Nani said disdainfully.  Anjali had no explanation.  She too had noticed that Lavanya was oblivious to Arnav’s anguish.
“Is she looking at him, as a source of income?” Nani asked narrowing her eyes.  “No Nani.. She... I think she needs time to understand him...! She doesn’t know what he has gone through!” Anjali defended her Chote’s choice.

“Humm...!” Nani sighed getting up.  “Does she really love him?” she asked going to her room and Anjali sat there lost in her Chote’s thoughts.  

“What if I had not opened his room in time? What was he up to? Killing himself.. No! .. He was frustrated... frustrated that he couldn’t do anything at that time.. when our house.. our sheeshmahal was snatched away from us... when Mamma .. shot...!” she sobbed.  

“No.. I have left all these behind.  I don’t want to remember anything... I am happy in this life... I should help him come out of the past... I will! I will bring him out of this..!” she got up resolutely.

***********   ********  **********
“Anjali ji.. Amma has sent these for you!” Khushi kept the packets on the table.  Anjali smiled faintly. 
“Thank you!” she said.  Khushi looked around.  She saw Nani ji coming down.  She got up.
“Aray Nani ji..!” she smiled broadly.  Nani reciprocated.  “Chamakili...come I will show you my shopping list!” Lavanya called her out.  Khushi looked at Anjali and Nani’s face and said
“Yeah Lavanya ji.. I will come..! Let me make tea for us..!” she went into the kitchen.  “Both of them look upset! Why?” she had no answer.

“The reason may be anything... I should bring smile on their faces!” she said smiling herself. 
“Di..!” she turned around with a jerk to find him at the kitchen door.
“Where is Di?” he asked. 

“Sh... she was at the table..!” Khushi answered looking at his face.  He turned and went out.
“What happened? He is upset too! And why there is a bandage on his wrist?” She was puzzled.
“Arnav ji, what happened?” she wanted to ask holding his injured hand.  “Humm..!” she sighed. “If I do that, he will break my wrist..!” she winced and came out with the tray and tea cosy.  She saw only Nani sitting there.  “Where is everybody?” she asked bewildered.

“Manorama has gone for shopping with her husband..! Anjali and Chote...!” she pointed at Anjali’s room.  “Should I..?” she asked Nani and she nodded.

“Anjali ji?” Khushi called out knocking the door.  “Yes Khushi, coming!” she said coming out holding her brother’s hand.  She looked at both of them and turning her back on them came down.  He started walking towards his room.  

“Chote..! Atleast have tea with us! Please?” Anjali pleaded with moist eyes.  He turned and came back. 
Khushi went to Lavanya’s room.   “Lavanya ji? Tea” she called out.  “Chamakili I am getting ready.  Send a glass of juice for me!” she ordered from her room and Khushi came back. She placed the snacks plates on the table and started pouring the tea in the cups.  The silence was killing.  

“You know Nani ji? We have started making stuff for new borns’ also! Amma makes fabulous quilts... !” she said brightly looking around at the grim faces.  Nani nodded smiling. 
“Anjali its hi time, you  start seriously thinking about starting  a family..!” Nani said and Anjali blushed.  Arnav looked at his sister’s blushed face.  That hint was enough for Khushi.  She sat by her side, away from Nani and Arnav!

“Yeah, Anjali ji.. You should... but you know... there is a small thing you should take care of!” she said loudly.  Both Anjali and Nani raised their eyebrows.  “And what is that?” Asked Anjali...
“Ummm... wait a minute...!” she rummaged in her bag and took out a guava.  “Umm I need munching while thinking..!” she said seriously and Anjali giggled.  Arnav looked away hopelessly.

“Pagal!” he blurted.  She chomped to his irritation.  He gazed at her guava and she clutched her bag.  He could see few more in her bulging bag.  He looked away. 

“You know what? You have to be careful from some influences..!” she whispered in her ears.
“Why?” she asked.  “What is going on?” Nani asked rolling her eyes.  “Secret talk, Naniji.. no one should know!” she glanced at Arnav.  “Now what is she up to?” he thought flashing an angry look. 
“If you get a baby boy... and if he picks up his uncle’s traits... Imagine what will happen?” Khushi clutched her head as if stopping it from spinning.  Anjali giggled.  Nani got up from the place and sat next to Anjali to join the fun.

“Shut up!” he yelled angrily.  “Wait chote! Let me hear..!” Nani said equally loudly.  “Have some more tea!” she poured another cup of tea for him.  He sat there frustrated trying to hear what the fun was with an expressionless face.  

“You know what,  When the baby will be born.. he will not cry... he will say ‘what the..!” Khushi said giggling.  “Who brought me out? I was in a conference with myself inside, Damn it!’  she completed and Anjali and Nani burst out in laughter.

“Yeah.. and then he will say.. send my milk to my room! I am busy!” mimicked Anjali puffing her cheeks.  Arnav looked at the trio angrily.  

“Yeah and you will have another wardrobe full of black color..!” Khushi added to the giggles.  “Yeah and a white here and there for a change!” Khushi looked at his all black attire. 
“And then when a nanny like me will come to play with him... !” Khushi stopped abruptly looking at his furious face.  He had got up clenching his fists.

“Stop it!” he yelled and Khushi winced in fright.  “Haan I forgot! He will say Stop it! I don’t play with girls..! Where is my laptop?” she added and he looked away hiding his smile. He turned to move.
“Sit down Chote.. there is lot more to come! Have something...!” Nani pulled his legs, pulling his hand, making him sit on the chair again! 

“Umm  This? Amarood?” Khushi took out a guava from her bag and held it out for him! He glared at her turning his face.  She placed it on the table looking at him..
“What rubbish!” he gritted his teeth.  “Haan.. this one! Another one..What rubbish!” Anjali giggled.
“What if she delivers a baby girl?” asked Nani and Arnav looked at Khushi.  

“Oh! That will be great! She will be like Anjali ji! Sweet, Kind, beautiful, like a Barbie dall! Hamari  Gudia  Raani!” Khushi said dreamily staring unfocused imagining a baby on Anjali’s laps.  Arnav gaped at her.  “Pagal!” his lip curled up in a smile and Nani wiped her eyes looking at her grandson’s face.  Anjali too was dreamy imagining a baby.  Arnav walked away picking up the guava from the table, with a smile, the anguish was replaced with a dream of his Di having a baby!! “If Di is happy, that’s all for me!” he thought digging his teeth in ripe Amarood! 

The bad omen named Khushi was spreading Khushi- joy and happiness everywhere!!

“I am not wrong! She is the only one for you! Chote, when will you realize?” Nani turned her face to hide her tears.


Khushifan said...


Thank u!

KKG fan, thank you! yeah the deal is going to play a major roll later.. right now its undeplayed.

Oprajita, Its diwali time now. Another few weeks to go for 31st Dec. and yes more turns and twists on their way..

Thank you kalai, i am happy you liked it...

Lakshmi one liner? unlike you! i am used to your big comments..! Thank you..!

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Mymind, yeah it was episode of lies.. those who hate lies, lied for someone! hehehe

Sumedha.. humm so enjoyed holi? good! liked the episode? Good!

Subha, Oh you missed Sham? me too! what if he was there? we would have missed all the fun..! hehehe

smisham.. welsaid.. !!

Dayavanti... humm Lavanya was bearable.. yeah she is!

sskaug25.. you said twins? hats off to you... i mean bringing up one is a heck of a task..!

Suhana, Humm Malai barfi.. my fav. too!

applecut, thank you for encapsulating the whole episode.. liked it

Anuradha, yeah like nautanki... and khushi is nautanki queen...afterall!!

Razy.. yeah i am watching the show.. for the dogs.. got to see very less of them.. she is good! waiting for the dogs' role..!


thank you once again. hope you like this update too!


Iluvarshi said...

Hello di...
Happy holi to u too..

And YAY !! Diwali here....
Papa g meeting arnav... They r coming .....
So finally things takin g a toll...
Cant reAlly say lookong forward... But well yes ... Cant wait :-)

Iluvarshi said...

Also... Once 31 dec starts will we get longer and more frequent updates ?

lakshmi said...

Sorry Kf for one liner...was held up... loved this update...Bauji ...when will she realize that Khushi is not a bad omen....i felt bad for Khushi...How beautiful Arnav khushi's bond...she has changed his anguish with a liking the gauva like Suna maiyne....they are somehow tuned to each others emotions...Ph could've kidnapped u .. we missed a lot in the show which had much potential to hook us ..thanks for this FF.....

Suhana said...

Oh my, what an update!!! Khushi spreading happiness to everyone despite her own dilemmas. I wish everyone could be even a fraction like her the world would be a much better place. Arnav, she is your very own sunshine...Just grab her with both hands buddy! Lurved this update!
god bless you, KF.

Anonymous said...

UR story toooooooooo bud.but why r u potraiting kushi as a bad omen?i don't lyk tat buaji s approach. Towards her.she does soooooooooo much to the family.then. Tooooo. Please make. Buaji. Realize. Tat. AND. MAKE. HER Engaged to. Tat. Screepwa. Pleased. Leash. Out. His fairness. As. Soon. As possible.after. I. Really. Really. Very much. Lyk. Ur. Story

anu angelina said...

why did the panditji said that kushi is a bad omen and she is not good for joint family.did shyam played there?when will that idiot be caught?humpppppp

only kushi can bring kushi in asr 's face and in raizada house.
arnavji-when will u realise that?

Dayavanti said...

All those who believe in astrology please go and have one or two calm nights out at a hill station or may be go into meditation...damn it I hate those who blackmail on the name of horoscope,destiny or god...take a chill pill guys..

arhiforever said...

Khushi is not bad omen right, this was Sham's doing....

liked the points you brought out between Lavanya and Khushi

Liked the way she brought smiles to all of them, and the jokes on Arnav were wonderful

Iluvarshi said...

Shyam mustv bribed the pandit.. I m sure

Anonymous said...

Another great episode, like the way Nanni is focusing on the differences between Lavanya and Khushi and hinting the differences to others... How can you not like someone like Sanka Devi- the supposedly bad omen....your loss buaji........kkg fan

Anonymous said...

superb i was lost .I felt i was seeing the serial in front of my eyes and could not control my laughter.Hope this part was in the could watch the video when we wanted.

Sumedha said...

You noe Di in the starting i was in tears, wen buaji was telling khushi a bad omen, wen arnav hurting himself, but then wen khushi came to shantivan and was talking about anjali's baby then i was laughing badly...
Thank god today my mom is not at home nhi toh she would have shouted on me. hihihihihihihihihihi...
di you are asking if I liked the update, but i didn't LIKE it...
But LOVED it...
Update soon...

Love You...


Mymind said...

Yellow Saree! yellow her favourite here too..?...Mami is a pain most of the times......but there are times when she is spot on right ...she asks the right questions at the right time...especially regarding her damadji!
The predictions would have been right if it were Shyam's horoscope!
Nani is getting stronger vibrations of the feelings between her grandson and Khushi!

Sumedha said...

You noe diii why was I in tears wen buaji told khushi is a bad omen,
coz my buaji also always tells me that i am a bad omen...
She thinks today till now...
wen I was born she didn't even take me in her arms...
she doesn't talks to me till now and I m 15 today...

smisham said...

yeah she is the only one for him but when will he realize that?

Anonymous said...

Sumedha dont worry god is there when he gives pain he know how to take u out of it.
We all do karma's knowingly or unknowingly which we have to suffer .
Don't be dishearted After every suffering u will have happyness
Be like Kushi not Arnav

Anonymous said...

Hi, sorry for not commenting on your last few posts. I thought they were all great. Khushi is trying to spread joy and buaji thinks she's a bad omen - how in the world did she come to that conclusion? She's sacrificing her happiness and has agreed to marry Shyam as he can hel buaji with her house etc. I've got 2 questions - what did the pandit mean when he said khushi should not get married in/to a joint family? Did you mean 2 brothers? I'm assuming Shyam provided this information to the pandit? Also, as we're approaching Diwali in your story does this mean this blog will stop soon and the continued story is 31st dec in myeduniya? I really hope not. I loved 31st dec but I really want to see how this story progresses - I'm sure we would all agree!

Returning to this post - nani again has observed L lack of...well anything towards A. She seems to be in her own little world - I wish Anjali would notice of maybe nani should be blunt and point out the obvious to ASR. I hope you don't mind me commenting what I think should happen next ....your posts make me think 5 posts ahead! Waiting for the Diwali fireworks! Many thanks.


sharan said...

only khushi is capable of doing this changing the mood swing of asr nd thankyou for todays update

dewdrop said...

another super update.You are simply fantastic.You know you inspired me to start a blog of my own.I will be very happy if you read my story.pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.My blog address

anu angelina said...

please update soon di.checking in every 5 minutes

Sumedha said...

Plzzzzzzzzzzz update soon Diiiii...
Waiting very impatiently...
Anonymous Diii thanx for the concern I will surely try to be like khushi not arnav...
Diiii I hope you are not thinking of taking a break....
Fingers crossed...
Hope U update soon....
And You'll have to compensate for friday... Hihihihihihihihihihihi...

Anonymous said...

looooooooooooved ur update.please dont make kushi as a bad omen in this story.she is such a wonderful personality.i hope tat big fat buaji willl realise her mistake in calling kushi as tat. dont make her engaged to the creep shyam and bring out his truth..pleasssee not a MU BTWEEN ASR AND KUSHI. and last not the least please throw away MISS TIP TOP AS SOOON AS POSSIBLE.her attitude towards kushi when the went to the classy malll bugged me to no end.otherwise its a really really wonderful gud as the serial itself..thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

and i loved how nani cud make out tat kushi was the one for Arnav Singh Raizada.hope understands tis as soon as possible before the creep makes another plans. dont make their marriage happen after diwali.plleaase .knock some sense to that buajiiss head as sooooooon as possible.and make anjali also a little less cautious.

kalaiselvisblog said...

mmmmm.. so shyam picked dat saree for khushi... (thinking) liked mamiji.. especially d way she made d point.. wat... khushi is a bad omen... buwaji.. hw dare u can think like that...

oh dear.. so arnav hurted himself.. oh god.. lavanya.. hehe no way.. nani is so cool... hahaha.. dats our khushi.. loved d entire imaginations.. hehe.. dat guava part too.. (wink) nani dont worry.. they r made 4 each other.. (wink)

Sumedha said...

I must have checked 100 times since morning....
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz UPDATE SOON.....

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God, how much you exuberant imagination. And what have you done nice and interesting story. Sincerely glad you opened this blog with this beautiful story. Jesus hundredfold reward you with happiness and joy.

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loved the entire conv..and khushi changed their mood swings