Monday, 4 March 2013

Opposite Poles..Part 97

Part 97
“Thank God! Ranjan sir will not be coming to the office now! How would I face him? Hey Devi Mayya, thank you! Will surely visit madding in the evening…Ok?” She talked to her Devi Mayya, walking briskly on the road.  She was running late and had the catch the bus in time.  She Broke into a run seeing the blue line bus slowing down at the bus stop. 
“Iss Say  Achha  Hota… Ki  Woh   Rakshas  Gadi  Bhajata,  Pehelay  Jaisey! It would have been better if he sent a car like earlier!” she muttered somehow hopping into the bus.  After foundation day, he had stopped stalking her.
“ Khushi ji!” Sham called out.  Khushi looked surprised.  “Sham ji? In this bus?”
“Come here!” he called her and as she neared, he got up to give her his seat! 
“No.. it’s ok, shamji! I am used to!”  She said smiling.  “No! Sit!” he said authoritatively pulling her hand.  She sat glaring at him.  She didn’t like it. 
“How come you are in this bus?” she asked loudly over the noise in the bus.
“I am going that side for some work!” he was vague enough. The growl in her stomach made her aware that she had not had her breakfast.  Sham looked at her.  The person sitting next to her was about to get down and Sham grabbed the opportunity.
“Khushi ji!” he whispered in her ear.  She looked at him and smiled.  She kept her bag in between them and looked out of the window.  The bus took a turn and Sham banged on her.  She shrunk and looked at him irritably.  Sham slid little away.
“Sorry! Khushi ji!” he apologized.  “It’s ok!” she said smiling. 
“You know, you are right! We need to spend more time with each other!” he again said looking at her unblinkingly.  She looked around. 
“Alone!” he whispered.  She preferred looking at the morning Delhi from the window.
“Where are you getting down?” she asked.  “Umm  Last stop!” he answered.
“Ok. Then! I am getting down here!” she got up two stops earlier than her regular one!
“Here? But you get down at Jal Bhavan..!” he knew.  “Yeah! But today I have some work here!” she said balancing herself getting up in the moving bus.  She got down a took a sigh of relief. 
“Chaliye!” came a voice and she winced.  Sham too had got down.  She frowned. 
“I will come with you!” he said pleasantly.  “But you had some work…!” she blurted.
“Nothing is important than you! Khushi ji!” He put his hand on her shoulder as she moved into the crowd of the market. She jerked his hand away.   She had to think hard…She had to dodge him.  He was not ready to leave her alone even for a second in that crowd. 
“I will be right back!” she elbowed into a particularly crowded shop.  She calculated.  She had fifty rupees extra.  She had to buy something.  She picked up bindi strip. 
“Think Khushi! Do something… you are getting late.  This growl will not leave you! Draw truce with him.. Khushi!” she commanded herself and came out!
Sham was waiting outside for her. 
“Oh  Shit! Payal ji, Let’s go this way!” Aakash maneuvered Payal holding her elbow.  She looked puzzled.  He merged in the crowd with her.  He had seen Sham in the crowd and had dodged him successfully.
Khushi weeded through the crowd aimlessly.  She was getting late to the office. 
“Hey Devi Mayya!” She looked ahead and turned abruptly. Sham was waiting ready.  She tried to avoid the bump and he held her.  She jerked herself apart and started walking down in exactly opposite direction.
“Raksha Karana! Devi Mayya! Hope he has not seen Jiji..! By the way what is she doing in the market with Aakash sir?” She prayed hard looking behind to confirm that Sham was following her.  Now she wanted Sham to follow her.  She desperately wanted to save her Jiji!  She had seen her Jiji and Aakash walking in the crowded market hand in hand.
“Umm Sham ji.. I will take an auto from here! I am getting late! Will you come with me?” she wanted him to come with her.  Her Jiji should be safe!  Sham nodded happily.  She hailed an auto and hopped in with Sham behind her. 
“What? What is she doing in the market? And who is that who got into that Auto with her!” he clutched the steering in rage.  He waited at the parking lot smoldering in anger.  He was waiting for Aakash to pick him up from the market. 
Khushi reached office and looked up.  He had not reached yet.  She took a sigh of relief.  Her intercom rang.
“Khushi… I will come late!  Get those samples ready from the studio Ok?” Lavanya ordered her.  Khushi went to Studio.
“She hasn’t reached yet? How dare she! She is late!” he clenched his fists angrily and he saw her coming out of the studio with pile of big drawing files.  His anger subsided a bit.
“Khushi..!” he shouted.  She turned but he couldn’t see her hidden face behind the files.
She went in to Lavanya’s cabin hurriedly and thumped the files on the table.  She came out and looked up.  A furrow on his forehead forewarned her… ! She started climbing up the stairs.
“You are late!” he accused.  She shook her head.. “I came in time Sir!” she looked up at him trying to gauge his mood. 
“What were you doing in the market?” he asked her sternly taking a step ahead.  Khushi gaped with open mouth. 
“Wa.. what? M…Market…!” she stuttered thinking hard for some excuse.
“Don’t lie! I can recognize you from any distance!” he threatened her!
“Bhai..!” Aakash had entered his cabin.  “I saw you in the market, Damn it!” he shouted and both Aakash and Khushi shuddered.
“He saw me in the market? Did he see Aakash sir and Payal?” Khushi was scared.
“Khushi was in the market? Did she see me and Payal?” Aakash looked nervous!
“Who was she with, in the market.  I saw them taking an auto!” thought Arnav angrily.
“Th.. that…I mean.!” Both Aakash and Khushi started of stuttering in fright and looked at each other shutting their mouths at once.
ASR glanced at both of them.  Khushi crushed her dupatta nervously.
“I am asking you, Khushi!” He barked.  Aakash took a sigh of relief temporarily.
“Woh.. I mean I wanted to buy some material for Jiji..!” she spoke and Aakash looked at her in surprise.  She avoided his gaze and looked down.
“What was she doing? Following us?” Aakash thought suspiciously. 
“Aakash…!” ASR started was cut off.
“You know, bhai, I had to collect some fabric samples..!” he said hurriedly and Khushi looked at him suspiciously!
“Samples? With Jiji?” her head spinning, she touched  her head.  ASR clenched his fists closing his eyes.
“ Aakash, I am asking you to keep the papers ready for the meeting, Damn It..!” he ordered and Aakash turned with a sigh of relief.  Khushi gaped at him till he vanished in his cabin and turned to look at ASR.
He was staring at her.  “who was she with?” his suspicion grew.
“How did you come?” he asked.  “A.. Au… Auto!” she answered and his doubt confirmed. 
“Who was with you?” he couldn’t stop questioning. 
“Wh…What?” she again frantically searched her brains for some excuse. 
“I saw you with someone, damn it!” he came on to her.  She tried to go back in defense.  Then thinking that offence is the best defense.. stood her ground.
“Haan Toh? So?” she asked him back to his astonishment.  He saw defiance in her eyes and he came on to her like a lion on the pray!  She was frightened looking at his eyes.
“Woh… Our family friend, Sham ji… wa…was with me!” she blurted the truth.  His anger subsided, he took a step back.  She was angry with herself for heeding to his pressure!
“If your interrogation is over, I want to go back to my work, Sir!” she retorted and he nodded. 
She started descending muttering furiously. 
“Samazta Kya Hai, Apanay  Aap Ko? What does he think of himself?  Do I have to give him a report of what I do outside office hours? This is my life! I can do anything I want, go with anyone I like!” she flared up in rage. 
“Sunaa Maine!” he barked and she winced on her chair.
 She put her hand in her bag.  She had missed her breakfast and was extremely hungry!  “I will die of hunger, if I don’t eat something..!” she muttered rummaging through her bag and looking around sheepishly. 
“Arey Wah! Amrood?  Wah Wah!” She was happy.  She had stuffed a few guavas in her bag.  She took out particularly a big one and looked at it with affection.  
“Amrood ji! Aaj  ki  Bhookh  Toh  Aap Say  Mit  Jayegi! My hunger will be satisfied with you, Guava ji!” she smiled at the fresh semi ripe Guava!  She wiped it with her dupatta and was about to dig her teeth!
“Kitani Baar Kahaa  Hain.. Yahan  Khana  Mana   Hai!” Guava jumped from her hand in fright.  He caught it in flight and smirked.  She got up struggling. 
“S..Sorry Sir!” She took her bag to go to the canteen and he barked again…
“Kaam  Chod  Kar  Khanaa  Chahti  Ho? Don’t you have any work? Want to go to the canteen?“
“N  No!” She sat back on the chair guiltily.  Her hungry tummy was growling.  She looked up at him pleadingly.  He was playing with the guava in his hand.  Smirk had grown in contemptuous smile.  Her mouth fell open when she saw him digging his teeth in the fresh ripe guava!  He turned taking a big bite and she frowned angrily.
“Khadoos Class Teacher Kahi Kaa! Bacchonko  Khanay  Nahi  Deta  Aur   Khud  Khataa Hai..! Killjoy Class teacher! Doesn’t allow us to eat but enjoys our food! Stanley Ka  Dabba wala teacher!”  She strangled him in the air.  She took out another one defiantly and without even cleaning it, dug her teeth in it sitting on her chair and chomping noisily!
*********   *******   *********
Aakash was stealing glanced at his Jijaji.  He wanted to know…! 
“Aray, how was your Chandighar  Trip?” Anjali asked at the dining table.  Sham fumbled a bit and just nodded.
“Chandighar? You had been to Chandighar? But I saw you in the market this  morning…!” Aakash couldn’t stop himself.  Arnav looked up startled.  Sham fumbled.  He ran his fingers through his hair sending them back and started off weakly.
“Me? In the market?  Oh Maybe, Saale saab, I I came in the morning and wanted to buy some stationery before I went to Court directly..!” Sham’s voice was unnecessarily high.  Aakash nodded. 
“Woh…. Sham ji…was with me..!” He remembered Khushi saying and looked at Sham suspiciously. 
“You came in the morning? Why didn’t you call me?” Anjali slapped on his hand sulkily.  He smiled at her saying “Raani Saheba.. Milanay  Ka  Jo  Maza  Hain,  Woh  Phone  Pe  Kahan?  You know? The pleasure in meeting is much much better than talking over the phone!” he wrapped his arm around her shoulder.  She smiled passionately.  ASR lost interest in food remembering Khushi!”


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Sneha said...

yes.. today i got this chance...

again a beautiful update.. sham is soooooo chipku type.. poor khushi, she wanted to get rid of him.. n had to go with him...

Arnav... poor him too... jealousy is taking over him... :p

akash n khushi speak up together.. haha..

stanley ka dabbe wala teacher... my god.. what and how many other names is arnav going to get.. :)

waiting.. :)

Dayavanti said...

market market it seems to me like a film sequence...something like hera pheri or golmaal..hehehe...liked this one..a comedy update..was waiting for your mandir sequence as you mentioned at the beginning of the update..wanted to know what kind of conversation will khushi do with Devi Maiyya about Ranjan Sir..anyways will look forward to it.

Khushifan said...

Hello hi and not yet bye bye!

Humm! Finally got time to reply in detail...

KKG Fan.. let us see where these things take us, with entanglement of love stories..

Sneha, so nice of you to answer on my behalf. Yes Biji is a generic term used by different people in different context. Many a times, an elderly lady in the punjabi house is called biji.

Agaftea, you are right. Ranjan finally asked. Let us see what happens next.

Kalai, yeah.. Aakash Payal love blossoming.. secretly. Let us see what happens next.
And by the way you got your answer from my dear Bhein Sneha !

smisham.. yeah another suitor.. but turned down?

Thanks dvdv.. here is the next one!

Lakshmi, thank you for allyour comments, and yes, Ranjan proposed and we do not know yet.. what will happen when ASR comes to know!

Suhana, thanks for writing your comment.. me too a big fan of readers like you!

Sharan, Hmm poor Ranjan.. but all glory comes from daring to begin. Let us see what happens next!

Anuangelina, thank you for commenting first..! Waiting for your comment on this update too.. First!! hehehe







Mymind said...

Payalji...yek teek nahi ho raha.....on what pretext did you get out of the house in the morning?...why holding secrets from your sister?....she has already smelled the rat.....and she tells you not right on your part to withhold....!

Khushifan.....the market scenario was very good and interesting...was the least expected ....

And another name added for him!....SIRji are a possessive lover!....and have you really stopped the investigation? are the Shatir Dimag!...

Pyaar said...

I love that idea of learning the language so i can post some thing in Tamil as im i don't know whether you have heard about a language called sinhala but its also some thing related bally and Hindi words also is are used.

Khushifan i am sorry for not commenting almost for the last few updates every update was awesome and the red saree and khushi and how he opened up to her they way you have described is very unique. And ya rajan him proposing i & letting us know how khushi felt was awesome too

Always i have seen in depth when i read your story i see u analyse a character and its physiology and the way it reacts most of the time i feel there is something you try to convey to us the humanity. And the character of khushi is always studying her surroundings and the people. Shes always trying to know how to convince a person or make /her do what she wants and that too when she approaches each character all her words the communication and every thing different from what she does with each individual it great to know how you think about all these and and the solution for every problem she solves it without any once noticing brilliant looking forward to more of those

Aparna said...

Great going. Loved the update. I don't think anybody is going to doubt him as yet... Let's see. I will wait for the next update to know more.

Suhana said...

Oh my! Just loved this updte...ASR jealous!!! Who was with you?? Hmmm, poor Khushi had to lose her amrood to Khadus! I can imagine the scene... loved it. Thanks and God bless you always.

Lakshmi said...

Hi nice one dear....story is moving fast... U r planting confusions...hope not an big MU...I hope ur Arnav's brain is active...hope he closes all the loop holes...but poor guy his anger will take over his brain ...I'm scared it shouldn't...looking forward ...

smisham said...

So the shaatir dimaag of ASR is picking up some vibes,but will he tune in to the correct frequency or miss the bus altogether as in the serial

sharan said...

wonderful update atlast asr has started doubting is jijajiiiiiiii.anyways intresting one thank you for todays update

applecut said...

Fantastic. All were looks like a thief incident of Market place. Arnav's came to know Khushi's family friend, it was start for sum twists. LEARNING ME! wonderfull idea, i can learn sum languages.

Anonymous said...

I hope this is the beginning of exposure of Sham! ~ rainqrazy

kalaiselvisblog said...

dear... thank u so much 4 dat "biji"... yeah special thanks to "Sneha" dear.. luv u guys...

mmmm... so shyam wants to use d opportunity even in bangs... ha khushi kept her bag in middle... hahaha..

i too dont like wen he touches khushi or enters her room without knocking... argghhh...

so akash-payal hand-in-hand in market... asr can recognise her even 4m long distance.. wow so romantic.. he's clearly restless wen he saw her with someone... hehe.. possessive..

loved d way akash-khushi blabbered... haha.. "guava jumped from her hand in fright" oh dear.. i couldnt control my laughter.. so many names.. grt...

akash... u r too good... so he questioned shyam.. (clap).. asr remembered khushi's words.. wow... urs is much better dan d actual show dear... loved it...

Oporajita said...

i m sure in case of Shyam all the shatir dimags stop one will doubt shyam...all thouh as u stated earlier that u'll change some of the first updates of 31st Dec, so my wishful mind want to think that somehow Arnav will get to know about shyam....

Anonymous said...

Maybe in this story asr finds out about Shyam and marries khushi to protect her and not punish her unlike in the serial. What do you think? All the foundations are in place..ASR, Akash, anjali, aman, regi I think have all heard khushi mention Shyam. Maybe khushi misunderstands asr in this story and not the other way round. I'll just have to wait and see...

Shyam is completely shameless but you've gotta live him for it. He's a ghar zamai (husb who lives with the inlaws) and is getting away with murder - Definelty one of the best character portrayals ever written.

Akash also romancing payal - this Akash is Definetly more assertive then our akashji!

I love the small tid bits between asr and khushi - today it was about a guava (shofri in sylheti Bengali), tomorrow it will be about mitai...just guessing. Gotta love it!

Many many thanks!

P.s I've figured how to write longer updates using my phone - a giant step for mankind...Er I mean me! ;)


anuangelina said...

kushifan u r kidding me right?

i waswatchig pirates of the caribian while reading ur update current went off.because of that i was not able to update.

anyways PAYAL AND AKASH-HAND IN HAND oh my god!

but kushi did't questioned payal?.very bad.

asr eating kushis amarood-hehehe

carmen bogdan said...

Good my dear. I like how you described disconcertedness and anger'S Khushi to avoid SAM.
Beautiful scene in the market. Where not know who to whom to beware. Class spy. Office scene is lovely when everyone is surprised. Beautifully described Arnav's jealousy.
Ha, ha, ha, well I'm like Akash said she saw the Sham market. Maybe now Sham going to sit still and not following their Khushi

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